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Southend Triathlon 2018 Race Report

by Alexandra Parren

Finisher triathlon racing Team GB athlete

Being an ambassador for Sundried, I was excited to be able to attend and race at this event whilst helping to promote Sundried.

I firstly thought that the organisation of the event was fantastic, with plenty of parking and facilities available for all. Transition was well organised and there was a good lay out.

The Swim

My wave started at 14:10 in what was a very choppy sea swim. I haven’t done much sea swimming, so I found myself having to chop my stroke somewhat in order to not get caught up in the waves. The swim course was great for spectators as it was right along the sea front and I thought the number of waves was appropriate for the number of competitors and the length of the bike course. It was disappointing to hear that my wave was the last to swim, but just proves how choppy it was. I exited the water into transition in around 12 minutes which I was happy with considering the conditions.

triathlon sea swim open water UK Team GB

The Bike

The bike leg was 6 laps, which with only a 20km distance I was a bit worried that it was going to be very congested as it was also non-drafting. But it turned out to be ok and not a problem. The bike leg was a crucial test for me to see where I was at before Europeans in July and it allowed me to test my new wheels and power meter. I paced the 20k as if it was a 40k (European Standard Distance) and I was pleased with my time of 33 minutes, which would have been quicker if it wasn’t for the 12 dead turns.

cycling triathlon time trial bike

The Run

Transition was smooth and onto the run course of 5km. Once again I paced as if a standard distance length and although I was off my target pace, I was happy to an extent because there was a strong headwind for half of lap around the park (of which there were 3 laps). I felt good and was pleased with my overall result, just finishing outside the Top 10 but winning my age group (20-24). I also had ‘trained through’ which means I didn’t specifically taper for this race, so I did feel fatigued somewhat at points throughout the race and having just finished exams on the Friday before I was mentally drained as well.

Final Thoughts

Overall very pleased with my progress and I look forward to taking my form to Tartu, Estonia in July for the European Championships. Thanks to Sundried for their on-going support and providing me with fantastic kit to help get the best out of my training.

About the author: Austin Hall is a Team GB Age Group triathlete and Sundried ambassador.

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