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Why Leggings And Crop Tops Work For Your Workout

by Alexandra Parren

Bikini Girls Crop Top and Leggings

Why leggings and crop tops work for your workout

Gone are the days of wearing vests, yoga tops and sweaters in the gym.

Well, for me at least.

My training uniform has evolved to a combo of leggings and crop top or sports bra, for many reasons.

Since I started getting into training I’ve experimented with various styles of gym gear.

From joggers to cycling shorts, I’ve made every fitness fashion faux-pas, be it on the treadmill or in the weights area.

Nothing seems to compare to smashing out a sweaty session in a tiny (but supportive) top and clingy high-waisted bottoms.

Here’s why.

Crop tops or sports bras reveal at least a few centimetres of midriff and so inadvertently remind you to engage your core and hold perfect posture during your workout.

Should you be having a low-energy moment and relax your abs, the mirror will tell you.

I love them in black (go with everything) or red, which fires me up like a visual pre-workout.

Bikini Girls Diary

Wearing a tummy-flashing top means the moment I tone up even slightly I notice it and it makes me feel fantastic, and work out better.

Shorts work well if you’ve been working on your legs and are feeling good about them bare (i.e. – not on me right now…) but all year round my staple is leggings.

They streamline your bottom half and - to an extent - protect your shins and skin from grazes and bumps in the weights area.

Deni wears Sundried crop top and leggings

You don’t want any long, baggy material near your feet for risk of tripping, so a tight legging is better than a straight leg gym trouser.

I love ones with drawstring waistbands, like Sundried’s, as there’s something that says ‘Ready, Set, Go!’ about pulling and tying them.

Deni Kirkova

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