• 5 Tips For Surviving CrossFit

    CrossFit WOD Box Workout

    CrossFit is unlike any other sport out there. It can be intense, but if you're prepared, you'll go far. Here are Sundried ambassadors Tom and Tara's top tips for surviving CrossFit.

    1. Don't be intimidated. 

    Most people's first exposure to CrossFit involves seeing herculean men and women on TV throwing enormous amounts of weight over their head then performing high skill gymnastics. But it's important to remember that these are professionals in the sport of CrossFit. The everyday athletes are your neighbours, friends, and family members just trying to make their lives better through functional training. The largest demographic in CrossFit is mothers aged 30-40.

    2. Find yourself a good coach.

    The moves taught and practised in CrossFit are very potent and have a high rate of return on your overall fitness. The coach is there to work with all levels of athletes as they learn and practice the movements. They should be supportive, patient, and a good communicator with your safety and success as their number one priority. If you don't feel that your coach meets these standards, leave them and try the next CrossFit box around the corner. There are a lot of options and personalities to choose from.

    3. Be patient. 

    Technique-> Consistency-> Intensity. This is the pattern for safety and success in CrossFit. The movements, the strength, the speed, and the results will all come with time. Just because you could deadlift a few hundred pounds back in the day, does not mean you are ready to do so right now. Gentlemen, check your ego at the door. Ladies, don't be afraid to lift weights.

    4. Be ready to make new friends

    When you walk into CrossFit gym, you'll probably notice that there is minimal equipment. The walls aren't lined with mirrors and the crowd of people waiting for the next class to begin aren't wearing headphones. For the most part they'll be regular folks chatting with each other about regular things. They'll most likely ask for your name and introduce themselves. They'll encourage and cheer you on during workouts and when you come back they'll remember your name. Soon you'll have new friends with whom you associate outside of the gym. 

    5. Have Fun

    This is probably the most important point. Fitness is about making yourself better in all aspects of life. Have fun with it. “The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam.  So remember that.  Relax. Have fun. Work out.”  –Pat Sherwood.

    Make sure you're comfortable in your CrossFit gear. Take a look at Sundried's women's and men's collections to find your next exercise outfit and look the real deal at the box.

    5 tips for surviving crossfit

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  • CrossFit Workout For Women

    CrossFit workout for women WOD training fitness

    If you're looking to mix up your workout routine and get real results, then this CrossFit workout is for you. Get ready for some serious sweat but also all the fun that a good CrossFit WOD is famous for.

    Will CrossFit make you bulky?

    This WOD features a few barbell complexes and lifting some serious iron but some women might worry that this sort of workout will make them 'bulky' and 'manly'. Quite the opposite is true; CrossFit is the perfect balance of cardio and weights and you'll burn a lot of calories doing this workout. The only thing that will make you bulky is eating more calories than you burn, so this workout should actually help make you leaner and more athletic.

    Will CrossFit get you in shape?

    Wanting to 'get in shape' is a very broad term and isn't really a good goal to have. When setting fitness goals, it's important to have a solid goal in mind with a time frame and that is measurable and realistic. Rather than saying "I want to get in shape", you should instead say "I want to be able to deadlift 100kg/220lbs within 6 months and lose 5kg". This goal is much more realistic and is also measurable and has a time frame.

    In this vein, it's impossible to say whether CrossFit will 'get you in shape' as this is such a vague question. What CrossFit will do is improve your cardiovascular fitness, lung capacity, and with the right diet could also help you lose weight and burn fat thereby improving your physique. 

    CrossFit athletes in shape get fit

    Which CrossFit shoes are the best?

    Before you start this CrossFit workout for women, you need to make sure you have the correct and best shoes for CrossFit. As there are so many different movements and complexes in a CrossFit workout, you need shoes that are versatile and have a sturdy sole for heavy lifts while also being flexible and comfortable enough for running and jumping.

    You can read more on the difference between CrossFit shoes and training shoes to help you decide which shoes will be best for you. We highly recommend investing in a pair of CrossFit specific shoes like the Nike Metcon shoes or Reebok Nano shoes.

    CrossFit Workout For Women – WOD – Workout Of The Day

    This WOD takes the form of Tabata which is a type of high intensity interval training (HIIT). You will perform each exercise for 20 seconds and then rest for 10 seconds before moving straight onto the next exercise. There are 8 exercises in total meaning this WOD will last only 4 minutes – but the benefits will last a lifetime!

    1. Deadlifts – beginners use 40kg, intermediates use 60kg, advanced use 80kg
    2. Burpees
    3. Inverted rows
    4. Chin ups (assisted if necessary)
    5. Kettlebell swings – beginners use 8kg, intermediates use 12kg, advanced use 16kg
    6. Front squats – beginners use 30kg, intermediates use 50kg, advanced use 60kg
    7. Thrusters – beginners use 10kg, intermediates use 20kg, advanced use 30kg
    8. Overhead press – beginners use 10kg, intermediates use 20kg, advanced use 30kg
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  • The Difference Between CrossFit Shoes And Training Shoes

    CrossFit Training Weights Barbell Trainers

    It seems a little insane how much the correct pair of shoes can change your workout, but if anyone has taught us that a pair of shoes can flip your entire situation over completely it’s Cinderella.

    According to a study from the American College of Sports Medicine, 85% of individuals are using the incorrect shoes when they go out on a run. For the easiest way to avoid injuries and help boost your workouts, why not try getting professionally fitted for your shoes?

    (Make sure you read to the end for a special gym and running shoes discount!)

    The Importance of Wearing Proper Shoes

    Let’s start off with something a little simpler, walking shoes compared with running shoes. It turns out that by wearing the incorrect shoes for your run, you could end up with extremely serious injuries.

    The reason behind this is that when you walk, the weight is far better spread out on your feet than when you run. This is because your weight is more concentrated on your heels and they need to be able to absorb two to three times of your total body weight.

    Walking shoes are designed to be more flexible, allowing for greater comfort during your evening walkabouts. However, running shoes are a lot sturdier and are designed to take much more pressure, thereby aiding in the protection against knee injuries.

    These include knee dislocations, which I have experienced, or ankle tears, tears in your muscles or tendons, and even injuries to the bones themselves.

    Which Shoes Should You Use and When?

    With so many benefits to choosing the correct shoe, you may be wondering if you need a specific shoe for your CrossFit workouts as well. The answer to that is yes, you do.

    When engaging in complex moves that require a lot of balance, CrossFit-specific shoes will aid in helping you to maintain your form. They will also help ensure that you have a higher level of protection when performing the workout and thereby reduce the risk of injury.

    They provide the necessary support to your body, particularly to your joints such as your knees and ankles during your workouts, which is essential when ensuring the longevity of your health and safety against injury.

    They are built to endure many, many CrossFit workouts whereas your average walking or running shoe may give out underneath the pressure and they are therefore a better investment of your time and money.

    Tough Workout Squat Overhead Shoulders Strong

    Added Benefits of Wearing Proper Shoes

    A further benefit of wearing the correct shoes for the correct activity is that you will then be guaranteed to utilise your energy potential better thereby having more effective, efficient, and longer workouts with greater performance.

    You can do that by wearing CrossFit shoes for CrossFit or running shoes for running workouts. A further benefit to wearing CrossFit shoes for working out or weightlifting is that they are more beneficial to supporting you than walking or running shoes.

    Now you may be wondering what the main benefits of running shoes are, especially stacked against the comparative advantages of CrossFit shoes. Running shoes, especially those with soft mid soles, have an extra ability to protect you against the varied surfaces which you run upon.

    The softer the midsole of your shoe is, the better cushioning you will have against the varied surfaces you are exposed to. However, the softest ones wear out within a few months.

    Foot Injuries From Wearing Improper Shoes

    If you are worried about knee injuries, having a proper running shoe is essential as overpronation or the act of turning your foot inside as you run increases the likelihood of your knee dislocation. Other problems linked to turning in of your foot are shin splints, foot ailments such as bunions, and plantar fasciitis.

    The other problem with foot placement, is when you push your foot too far outward as you run, known as supination this accentuates stress upon on your joints, muscles and tendons.

    Furthermore, running with this form increases the likelihood of knee injury. Apart from that, running with the correct running shoes will also provide greater grip against a variety of surfaces and aid with protection against the various elements.

    What About Fashion?

    Finally, you may find yourself wondering about something that only really runs across your mind once you enter the fitness apparel store or surf for options online - shoe style.

    Well, you will be more than happy to know that both running shoes and CrossFit shoes are made for the style conscious gym-goers in mind. They usually need something that is both functional and gorgeous enough to motivate them to want to get into the gym.

    CrossFit Shoes

    If you’re wondering what the best rated CrossFit shoes are, here are some of the best. Nike Romaleo 3 and New Balance Men MX409V3 Cross Trainers are great options if you are hoping to get the most investment per dollar spent. If, however, you are hoping to make a long term investment and are looking to spend a little more, then there is the Reebok CrossFit Nano 5.0 or the 7.0. 

    Running Shoes

    Moving on here are some great running shoes for your consideration, one on the lower end of the price spectrum is the New Balance Fresh Foam Zante v3, or the Hoka One One Challenger ATR3 and for the fashionable out there how about the Brooks Ravenna 8 or perhaps Reebok OSR Harmony Road.

    Barefoot Shoes

    Barefoot running and training is a growing trend as it promises to prevent injury and strengthen muscles that are usually neglected. By training in barefoot shoes, your feet are closer to the ground and therefore you gain a slight power advantage in your lifts.

    Barefoot shoes can be great for CrossFit as they provide a stable base and you will be able to feel the floor beneath your feet which is great for stability in heavy lifts. Not only this, they're very versatile so you can then do rope climbs in your barefoot shoes, transition to a quick run, and then transition to skipping or jumping.

    Enjoy an exclusive discount on Sundried's men's and women's barefoot shoes using code KICKS for a huge 50% off and take your CrossFit training to the next level.

    Shop men's

    Shop women's

    Now, For the Workout

    You may be wondering which type of workout is best for you, what type of physical exercise will motivate you and engage you, what activity best suits your unique preferences and personality, well there is a test for that.

    You do not have to limit yourself to one type of activity or simply the sports or methods of training that everyone around you is doing. As an individual, you can benefit from trying something different.

    Who knows CrossFit might just be the best thing ever for you? Therefore, when planning on beginning an undertaking such as CrossFit, make sure to invest in the correct tools and clothing for that particular fitness niche to protect yourself during the activity and to have the most effective workout with the greatest amount of energy conservation as possible. Therefore, I humbly decree it is time to go shoe shopping! I know I can’t wait.

    About the author: Sarah writes for Kicks Choice. She is passionate about workout activities and she puts great importance on maintaining leg and foot health as well.

    Guest author crossfit training shoe expert running

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  • Sundried Winter Metcon Workout

    winter metcon workout by Sundried get fit

    Staying fit and active in winter takes a lot of motivation and it can be easy to succumb to hibernation mode and comfort food. Try this heart-pumping winter metcon workout to keep your fitness up this festive period.

    Related: What Is A Metcon Workout?

    Winter Metcon Workout

    EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute | 10 minutes total |

    1. 5 burpees
    2. 15 kettlebell swings (men use 16kg, women use 10kg)
    3. 5 inch worms
    4. 10 press ups
    5. 10 jumping squats
    6. 20 mountain climbers
    7. 10 push press (men use 10kg medicine ball, women use 5kg)
    8. 20 stiff legged deadlifts (men use 12kg dumbbells, women use 8kg)
    9. 10 jumping lunges
    10. 10 star jumps

    Rest for 5 minutes

    AMRAP: As Many Reps As Possible | 5 minutes total |

    1. Jumping lunges – 60 seconds
    2. Clean and press – 90 seconds – 50% of your 1RM
    3. Deadlifts – 90 seconds – 70% of your 1RM
    4. Overhead press – 60 seconds –50% of your 1RM
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  • The CrossFit Games

    CrossFit games strength barbell

    CrossFit is a type of training created by Greg Glassman in 2000 and seeks to find the fittest man and woman on earth. But what is it? How does it work?

    What is Crossfit?

    CrossFit is a combination of many different training principals including gymnastics, powerlifting, Olympic weightlifting, kettlebells, athletics, swimming, plyometrics and advanced conditioning. It's a notoriously tough workout and is certainly not for the faint-hearted! CrossFit sessions are divided into WODs which stands for Workout of the Day. A workout can be made up of any number of different exercises and a WOD will be posted online each week for CrossFitters around the world to follow. People will then post their results online and compare with each other. 

    CrossFit Terms Explained

    AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible

    ATG: Ass To Grass (used to describe the depth hit in a squat)

    BW: Bodyweight

    CFWU: Crossfit Warm Up

    EMOM: Every Minute On the Minute

    GTG: Greasing The Groove (doing multiple sets of an exercise throughout the day, but not to failure)

    HSPU: Handstand Push-Up

    MetCon: A metabolic conditioning workout. Usually with lighter weights at a higher intensity and speed.

    Pood: A weight measurement used by the Russians for kettlebells. 1 pood =16 kg/35 lbs; 1.5 pood = 24 kg/53 lbs; 2 pood = 32 kg/71 lbs etc.

    PR: Personal Record

    Rx’d: As prescribed; as written. Used to describe a WOD completed without any adjustments and with the set weights.

    T2B: Toes to bar.

    CrossFit Hero Workouts

    There is a set of WODs in CrossFit which are named after members of the US armed forces who died during combat. These are notoriously tough workouts and are completed by US CrossFitters on Memorial Weekend. 


    Michael Patrick "Murph" Murphy was a United States Navy Seal officer who was killed in Afghanistan in 2005. 

    For time:
    1 mile Run
    100 Pull-ups
    200 Push-ups
    300 Squats
    1 mile Run


    Named after Timothy Davis of the US Air Force who died in combat in 2009.

    For time:
    12 deadlifts
    9 hang power cleans
    6 push jerks
    Rx 155lbs/70kg

    The CrossFit Games 

    The CrossFit Games is the biggest event on a CrossFitter's calendar and promises to find the “fittest on the earth”. There are several qualifying stages for this event.

    CrossFit Open is the first qualifying event, whereby each week a new WOD is released and competitors will post their scores online. There is the choice of Rx'd workouts or scaled workouts which are made slightly easier in order to be more accessible. 

    The best athletes in the Open will qualify for Regionals which is a live, three-day competition held over three weekends in May each year. The top athletes from the Regionals then qualify for the games in July or August.

    Throughout the games, athletes don't know which WODs are going to be announced, so they must train hard in every discipline and make sure that their weakest exercise is just as good as their strongest. 

    The CrossFit Games is a huge spectacle and attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators each year. They are sponsored by Reebok and the prize money for the winning man and woman is $750,000! CrossFit is a huge sport in the US but is slowly spreading around the world, with 3 of the most elite female athletes being from Iceland. There are many CrossFit gyms (or 'boxes' as they are called) popping up throughout the UK.

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