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CrossFit is more than just a way of training, it's a way of life. Anyone who's tried it will know what a special community it is, and how different it is from anything they've tried before. Here are 5 things only CrossFitters will understand.

1. You ache in places you never even knew you had

CrossFit is notoriously tough. It is a mix of several different training principles, and as such works the entire body in ways you never knew it could. After your first CrossFit session, you have more than just the usual aches and walking up stairs is probably a no-go for a few days!

2. Putting your all into a WOD is strangely enjoyable

Lifting heavy has a great feeling of accomplishment, but completely wrecking yourself by completing a chipper or a metcon has a feeling all of its own. Lying in a sweaty heap on the floor knowing you've left it all out there is an amazing feeling, and you know you'll be fitter and healthier for it too.

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3. Training in a supportive community makes a huge difference

Training with a gym buddy or doing a standard class is great fun, but it really doesn't compare to throwing yourself around a box, chucking weights above your head, and being cheered on by fellow CrossFit enthusiasts who want nothing more than for you to succeed. Getting a PB never felt so good.

4. Handstands are much harder than they seemed as a kid

You loved doing handstands as a kid, but somehow you never realised how much it kills the shoulders! Handstand push-ups are something you really want to master, but it's far more technical than you thought and after a while all that blood rushing to your head isn't ideal!

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5. You've never felt better

If you're a keen CrossFitter, chances are you already tried other training types like bodybuilding, powerlifting, or cardio. While all of those are great ways of training, you've never felt better than since you've been into CrossFit. You're stronger than ever, but your cardiovascular fitness is also better than ever, and you feel like you can achieve anything. That is the beauty of CrossFit.

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