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Prea Kaur Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

by Alexandra Parren
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Prea Kaur

After watching her mother struggle with weight loss, Prea made it her mission to support her mother’s fitness journey. Before she knew it, exercise was an integral part of both their lives and she knew she had to become a Personal Trainer.

Tell us about your journey to fitness? Where did it all start?

I have always had a passion for health and fitness. From a young age, I witnessed my mother’s struggle with her weight and health, and I learnt the importance of motivation, momentum, teamwork and support to achieve life-changing goals. To help my mother lose weight, I accompanied her to the gym and from that point on I took an active interest in exercise, lifestyle, health and nutrition.

Fitness, health and wellbeing are now a core part of my everyday life. Over the years I have amassed a vast working knowledge of exercise and nutrition, and my thirst for knowledge continues. I am a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist through the globally recognised company, Premier Global.

I have spent a number of years working as a Personal Trainer (both online and offline), Nutritionist and Lifestyle Coach, and have been successful in helping hundreds of people, of both sexes, varying ages and from all walks of life, achieve their goals.

Specialising in Lifestyle Coaching (not just fitness and nutrition), I don’t only help people to ‘become’ fit and healthy, I help them discover how to sustain it for a lifetime – so no more ‘yo yo’ results, no more New Year’s resolutions that last a couple of weeks and are then forgotten, but rather lasting change and a better quality of lifestyle and living forever.

Please tell us about sporting events you have taken part in or have coming up.

I have done numerous 10Ks with a PB of 40 minutes, half marathons with a PB of 1 hour 38 minutes, and full marathons with a PB of 3 hours and 38 minutes. I have also taken part in other extreme fitness races such as Total Warrior.

Additionally, I have competed in physique competitions such as Miami Pro bikini fitness and WBFF.

Prea Kaur Bikini Fitness Model Fitness Fashion

What are your training goals now?

Since competing on stage in 2016 and achieving a fantastic result placing in the Fitness category at WBFF, I am now focusing on improving my body and focusing on my weaknesses so this means currently working to build more muscle in my lower body.

Tell us one unusual fact we wouldn’t know about you:

I have an obsessive personality; I love to live by routines and rituals to the point I can sometime annoy myself with it!

What would future you, tell yourself when you were starting out?

Start now! Do what you love, do it a lot, and get very good at it! Health and Fitness has always been my passion and I wish I had started to take it more seriously with the right education a lot sooner in life.


    Do you follow a specific nutrition plan?

    I practice what I preach - following a flexible diet approach, eating everything in moderation.

    Unless I am prepping for a photoshoot or competition, I do not restrict myself of anything I want, however I do make sensible choices. For example, I plan when I will have my cheat meals and otherwise always pick the better options for food and food groups; this comes with education and knowledge of nutrition.

    I personally use MyFitnessPal to track my food ensuring I measure my progress depending on my goals, for example:

    Muscle building: as I am currently building muscle I am in a calorie controlled surplus which is increasing weekly. I track at least 80% of the week to allow for meals and drinks out socialising.

    Cutting body fat: when prepping for a competition or photo shoot I will work with a structured calorie controlled deficit which will reduce slowly weekly to bring myself to the desired condition / low body fat needed for the show or shoot. This is where I will be more strict and in the final weeks would track all my food and eliminate any alcohol.

    Maintenance: during a period where I am not working to any specific goals (not been the case in a long time) I would be in maintenance calories tracking 80% (generally Sunday to Friday then relaxing at the weekends ensuring I am not in any surplus or deficit.

    Sport specific: where I have completed marathons and other races these have been individual sports meal plans for the goals. It is important to ensure the right nutrition is provided for the sport and calories expended covered by calories consumed.

    Flexible dieting means I EAT EVERYTHING! Any foods I like I can eat as long as it fits my plan for my goal.

    Talk us through your training regime.

    I structure my training depending on my goals and I do exactly the same for my clients ensuring that each Training Plan is changed every 4-6 weeks and includes volume and accumulation to get the very best results.

    So, there is no set structure; currently in my muscle building phase I have:

    2 x LOWER BODY sessions

    MONDAY -  anterior chain focussed - quads

    THURSDAY - posterior chain focussed - glutes and hamstrings)

    2 x UPPER BODY session

    TUESDAY - chest, triceps and shoulders

    FRIDAY - back, biceps and shoulders

    1 EXTRA optional session

    WEDNESDAY OR SATURDAY - HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) OR LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) and core exercises

    My training plans change depending on my goals I am trying to achieve.

    What are your current training goals?

    Currently, I am focussing on building muscle especially in my lower body. I have a photo shoot and a summer holiday to prep for so I will be bringing myself into photoshoot condition for July 2017. I share my journey of muscle growth into phot shoot condition across all my social media including snapchat (@preafitness) and instagram stories.

    What do you do to keep your clients motivated? Do you have any top tips to keep motivated?

    I communicate regularly with my online clients through coaching calls, weekly check-in feedback, a private closed Facebook community and response to any emails and texts.

    I also send out weekly motivational texts and content emails to ensure regular communication is offered across my team.

    My clients check-in with me weekly (Sunday or Monday) which means that new photos are taken (front, back, both sides - head to toe) along with new measurements, weight and questions are answered about nutrition, energy, sleep and other factors. This ensures what gets measured, gets managed and any changes can be made as and when needed. I provide feedback every Tuesday.


    How do you keep your fitness knowledge up to date?

    Education - I am very proud to say I continually invest in myself as I do not believe I know everything and I love to learn and advance myself. I am passionate about what I do so I love to learn continually.

    Inspiration - It always helps to have someone to look up to whether its for their way of life, generosity, strength, muscle development, discipline tenacity whatever it may be... I always look to improve myself and I find that looking up to others who are strong in areas I wish to improve help to focus.

    I continue to keep qualified through recognised organisations; most of mt Training has been done with Premier Global and Virgin Active. I have more recently invested in mentorship from experts in the industry; I have almost completed a years mentoring with WBFF'S Coach of the Year who prepped me for my stage competition and has also been my business mentor.

    2017 - I am currently reviewing options for this years education.

    What are your top 3 trainer tips?

    1) EDUCATION: get the right coach or mentor to help coach you to achieving your goals. We are all experts in our own fields so by working with the right coach or mentor who will devise the best plans for your goals will allow you to have structure to achieve therefore keeping you motivated.

    2) CONSISTENCY: there is no secret that to be somebody different you have got to do something different. Results come with hard work + dedication + CONSISTENCY - follow the right structured plans for JUST 12 weeks and you WILL get results.

    3) SMALL STEPS: don't try to commit to everything at once and making to much change is your life, if you take new small steps weekly you will make it more manageable and sustainable.


    Week 1 - start a structured Training and Nutrition Plan

    Week 2 - drink more water and eat more green veg

    Week 3 - change tea with sugar to green tea

    Appreciate that it is a journey, you must enjoy the journey and go at your own pace so it fits in with your life therefor this will become a sustainable lifestyle change.

    If you could only do one exercise for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    This is SO tough!!!

    For me personally, I would have to say

    One for gym users:

    Barbell Back Squats - an awesome exercise which you can adapt in many different ways. Again great for your legs, glutes, fat burning you name it...  I LOVE A SQUAT!

    A recommendation for all....

    LISS (Low Intensity Steady State) - ideally power walking uphill - this is suitable for most people, is low impact and great for your legs gaining uphill is great for your glutes ladies ;)

    Why work with Sundried?

    Sundried care about the people and the planet they are connected to, which means I can now wear some amazing clothes while I train and know that they have come from values I hold.

    Favorite fitness quote:

    Hard work + dedication + consistency = results!

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