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How To Stay Fit On Holiday

by Alexandra Parren

stay fit on holiday

Going on holiday or taking a vacation can be a welcome break from the stresses of everyday life. But worrying that you're going to lose your fitness can be a deal-breaker. Follow our tips on how to stay fit on holiday so that you can get the best of both worlds and not lose any of your hard-earned progress.

Find a hotel with a gym

Your first port of call to staying fit on holiday will be staying in a hotel that has a gym. Check to see if you have to pay extra to use the gym or if you can use it whenever you like. Also check its opening hours and see how big it is, as you don't want to be fighting other guests for use of the equipment!

So that it doesn't feel like a chore while you're enjoying your time away, set aside some time each day to use the gym. First thing in the morning will usually be best as it means you can then enjoy the rest of your day (and the unlimited food!) guilt-free. It will also mean it's not too hot as the sun won't have warmed up too much yet and so you won't overheat during your workout.

Do a beach workout

There are lots of health benefits to running on the beach such as working you harder than on pavement and being easier on the joints. Head down to the beach for a run or workout, like our 20-minute beach body workout

You could do this either in your swim wear or in activewear. Sundried's women's activewear is super fast drying and sweat-wicking so it won't matter if you end up drenched, and is made with 4-way stretch materials so you won't be uncomfortable working out somewhere hot. 

beach workout running swimming hawaii

Swim in the sea

Any triathlete will happily talk to you for hours about the joys of open water swimming, especially in a lovely holiday destination. Take the plunge and go swimming in the sea as this will be a great way to strengthen and tone your whole body as well as burning off those excess calories from the all-inclusive drinks and food. 

sea swim open water

Do a workout in your hotel room

If you can't hit the beach for a workout and your hotel doesn't have a gym, you can still do a great and effective workout in your room. Try our no equipment workout which will help you get great results and burn lots of calories without needing lots of space or any gym equipment.

You could also workout with a resistance band as these are easily portable so you could chuck one in your suitcase and then do a killer resistance band workout in your hotel room each day.

hotel room workout

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