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Couples Valentine's Workout

by Alexandra Parren

couples valentines workout

Happy Valentine's Day lovebirds! If you're not going out tonight, why not try this couples workout with your loved one or even just a best friend? Training with a partner is a great way to increase motivation and to bond with someone too.

Lunge with Med Ball Pass

This exercise will torch your legs as well as your core and will require teamwork and co-ordination!

Stand next to your partner, both facing the same way. One of you holds a medicine ball or slam ball. Both lunge forward at the same time. Hold your arms out as straight as possible to work your core hard and twist your entire torso to face your partner. Make sure to twist from the waist to work your abs and keep your core tight. As your partner takes the ball, both of you step back to your starting position. Now repeat this by lunging forward on the other leg and receive the ball from your partner. 

Try to stay synced up with your partner and stay in a good lunge as you pass the ball between you. Repeat exercise for 30 seconds if you're beginners or try 60 seconds if you're already fairly fit.

Press Up with High Five

This exercise is great for your shoulders and core and will really help create a rapport and bond with your partner. Make sure you don't slap each other in the face!

Both adopt a press up position facing each other. Both drop into a press up at the same time, then at the top, both using your right hand, high five each other. Drop into another press up and then high five with your left hands. 

If you cannot do full press ups, you can do them from your knees (it doesn't matter if one partner is on their toes and one is on their knees). Try to stay co-ordinated and make sure the press ups are good quality. 

Plank Jump Throughs

This one can be great fun to do together and will really test your trust! This will work your core but also acts as cardio as you will be jumping.

One partner adopts a plank position with their legs wide apart. While partner one holds this position, partner two jumps between their legs. There should be three jumps: outside the left leg, between both legs, and outside the right leg. Try to do two-footed jumps to get the most out of this exercise. You will need to jump your legs high so that you don't trip over your partner!

Do this exercise for 30 seconds and then swap positions. If you are more advanced, try it for 60 seconds.

Burpee with Med Ball Pass

Now we're really increasing the intensity! Burpees are an excellent full-body exercise and will get your heart racing for all the right reasons this Valentine's Day!

Stand facing your partner and hold a medicine ball or slam ball. Throw the ball to your partner who then throws it straight back and drops into a burpee. As soon as they stand back up, throw them the ball again and as soon as they throw it back they do another burpee. Repeat this for 30 seconds and then swap roles.

This is a high intensity exercise and requires team work and co-ordination. Make sure the throws to your partner are good ones so that you can keep the movements streamlined without dropping the ball. To make this exercise harder, stand further away from each other and see how far you can go. 

Partner Russian Twists

Our final exercise will target your abs and really finish you off in style.

Sit on the floor next to your partner, fairly close to one another. Adopt the classic Russian twist position by balancing on your seat bones, lean back, and hold your legs and feet off the floor. Pass a medicine ball or slam ball between you and really over-exaggerate the twists to work the abs properly. 

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