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Claire Aves Personal Trainer

by Victoria Gardner

Claire Aves PT

Claire Aves, mother, boxer and WBFF Pro. For Personal Trainer Claire, there’s no need for the third time's a charm, coming 2nd in her first bodybuilding show after just 7 weeks of prep, she is now proudly this year's winner of the title of WBFF Diva Fitness PRO European Champion 2016.

How did you get into competing?

I have always worked out a the gym since I was 16. I then went into boxing which is a huge passion of mine. I got talking to a male body builder at my old gym where I was a Personal Trainer and he said I had the foundations bodywise to be able to compete. That inspired me to pick a show which was the WBFF (world beauty fitness and fashion), for me the title says it all really. It's not just about showcasing your physique but your beauty, your stage presence, WBFF is a glitz and glam show as well as a physique show this is why I choose such a great company. I only had 7 weeks to prepare for this normally you would prep for 12-16 weeks. I came 2nd at my first ever show and that was it, I had the bug then.

Claire Aves Grivola T Shirt

How does it feel to be up on stage with all those eyes looking at you?

Funny thing is I love it, I come from a dance and performing back ground having performed in front of 1000s of people before so I was in my element. I love the stage, I feel fantastic and proud of what changes my body went through in such a short amount of time.

Any advice for those looking to compete?

It's not for everyone, it's not easy, if it was everyone would do it. Be mindful that it takes a lot of time and dedication. Make sure you get the right coach for you, do your research.

Claire Aves Shoulder Press

Talk us through a typical weeks training?

This depends, if I have a photo shoot or I am prepping for a show or training for a boxing fight or just general training lol. As it's always different. Let's do generally training week

Monday - Quads and Glutes / Abs

Tuesday - Chest and Triceps

Wednesday - Back and Hamstrings / Abs

Thursday - Rest

Friday - Shoulders and Biceps / Abs

Saturday - All legs

I would always include circuit based exercises to burn fat too. 20mins liss (low intensity steady state) cardio 3 times per week also.

Claire Aves Bicep Curl

How do you balance work, motherhood, competing and a social life? That's one busy schedule!

Yes it is lol balance is key..... I thrive off structure and my diary is scheduled to the hour lol. I work as a PT everyday but Thursday is the day I do all my admin work whilst my daughter is at school and I do admin on Sunday evenings when my daughter is in bed. I train people from 2 gyms 1 in London Victoria Gymbox and on Saturday and Sunday mornings only, at a gym in new Eltham. I structure child care with my mum and sister who are a massive help. I have a partner now I have been with for the past year and half so he helps now but before I was a single mum for 10 years so my family are a massive help. My daughter has her own pony so at weekends I have to take her to look after Dotty.  Competing fits in around my work I am lucky that I work in a gym if I didn't I think I would find it very difficult to fit it all in, I have long days spent in the gym so when I get an hour or 2 gap I train myself. My social life is pretty good too, I manage to see friends at weekends or do family activities, it's just all about balance .


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