Not using the gym as much as you thought you would, or just lagging in your own regime? If so, you have probably thought about using a personal trainer, or already are. The question is...are they worth it?

Hire Yourself a Personal Trainer


1) They are motivational. If you or your regime have hit a standstill, a personal trainer can help bring it back to life. We all hit that dreaded plateau when our weight loss stops, or we just hit a rut. A trainer can look at and adapt your program for you, so you begin to see results again. You can create new goals, get good advice and have someone to be accountable too, which is an incredible motivator.

2) You need inspiration. We don't always like to work out with other people, and you may well prefer to fly solo. A personal trainer can be useful for a few sessions. They will show you the correct way to exercise and how to maximise your workout. They will teach you how the muscles in your body work and how to target specific muscles.

3) Training for an event. If you have a sportive, race or any other event coming up, a trainer can really help boost your fitness. They will motivate you, strengthen your weaknesses and create a specific program for the event. Just choose a trainer who is experienced in the sort of event you are doing.


1) The price. Personal trainers don't come cheap. A good personal trainer will come with a price tag. This isn't necessarily a bad thing because of the benefits they can offer, however not everyone can afford the expense that comes with them.

2) They can be an unknown quantity. You may see an ad in a local paper or online for a personal trainer and use them. This could be a mistake. Anyone can advertise as a personal trainer, especially in areas where there is demand. If you do want to hire one, use word of mouth or check their accreditation and qualifications before using them. Hiring a fake trainer could be physically damaging.

3) You might get a dud. That is to say, they may well be qualified, but may just be no good. They may be lazy in their training with you, spend more time on their phone than paying you attention or just have lost the love of their job. If they aren't keeping track of your progress, seem disinterested or don't correct your technique, it may well be time to ditch them.

So is it worth it?

There is no definitive answer. It is up to you. Whatever you decide, there are definitely benefits to have a properly trained professional guide you through some hurdles. The best advice is to decide if it is for you, and then research your chosen trainer. Word of mouth is a brilliant way to find one who comes personally recommended. And if it isn't for you for any reason, keep doing what you are doing to keep fit. The taking part in fitness is the key factor here.

If you are looking for a personal trainer in your area then visit the Sundried Directory of Personal Trainers. It is free for your local PT to sign-up so if you can not find them, please pass the link on.