Case Study - Recruit X

Profession: Teacher, 2 children. Pretty much full time working outside of work to maintain the quality of life the family are accustomed to. Free time…. Zero hours

Gender: Male
Height: 182cm (6 foot)
Weight: 106.8Kg (17 stone, 1 pound)
BMI: 31.9
Fat: 31.4%
Muscle: 32.1%
Visceral: 14
Days until diagnosed with diabetes… Maybe soon without a change.

The problem with X’s lifestyle is that it is far too sedentary. Sitting for hours at a time with little to no movement. Diet is generally very good apart from the excessive amounts of chocolate loaded into the days. Historically X has suffered with yo yo dieting and must have been on half a dozen fad diets. Not good for fitness or the longer term goal of staying fit and healthy.

The big goal is to get fit and healthy. But knowing X we need to break this down monthly with challenging monthly goals to keep things interesting.

Month one goal. In one month we will run a 2k followed with 10 flights of steps on the cliffs.

With immediate effect trim back the chocolate and try and stick to the recommended calories per day. 4 training sessions of 30 mins minimum per week. Training exercises to focus on cardiovascular training. Get a step counter. One that notifies you of being stationary for too long and aim from 10,000 steps a day. Big changes for month one.

Weigh Loss

It is all about making time. Everyone can squeeze in a 30 minute workout. Maybe park 30 mins from work and walk the last leg of the journey. Take your gym kit in the car so you can squeeze in a quick session immediately after work. The main thing is to get moving whilst at work and remove the sedentary side from the day to day lifestyle.

Recruit X Update