• Celebrate being Overweight Recruit X

    “ Celebrate being overweight?, Have I read that right?”

    Yes indeed you have. It is not every day when you can celebrate being overweight. In fact you may not think it is ever appropriate. But you would if like 61.7% of adults in the UK, you started with a BMI classified as obese.

    Recruit X.was part of that statistic. On November 15th 2015 he had a dangerously high visceral fat level of 14. That level of fat around your organs can cause a multitude of health complications, from diabetes to liver dysfunction. Recruit X also weighed 106.8 kg, classing his BMI as obese.

    Starting BMI (Gov.uk calculator)

    Obese BMI Calculation

    Just over 4 weeks later and R.X. has moved out of the obese bracket to the overweight bracket. 

    Recruit X decided it was time to make a change. With the help of Sundried and a dedicated attitude towards his new fitness regime, in just over 4 weeks, we are celebrating. Recruit .X  moved out of the obese BMI bracket to the overweight bracket.

    Overweight BMI Calculation

    Overweight BMI

    That’s not to say it was an easy journey. Credit where credits due, when we started just over 4 weeks ago, Recruit X found it a struggle to run 2km. He suffered from very laboured breathing and had to slow down continuously, but he did not give up. A challenge was set 1 month from starting off the Cliff Lift Steps in Southend. (If you are in Southend the Cliff Lift Steps is a great challenge). 10 Flights until freedom, it’s a tough route to climb;  we knew an increase in effort was required. Recruit X gave it all he’d got

    So just after 4 weeks Recruit .X. had lost 10Kg. Moved down an entire BMI bracket, knocked his visceral fat from 14 to 11 and started to find his training easier. Everything is looking up (or down depending on how you look at it!).

    Unfortunately we have chucked Christmas into the mix and the next run will determine how many steps backwards we are looking at, but we like a challenge!

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  • Sundried Approach to Weight Loss Recruit X

    Case Study - Recruit X

    Profession: Teacher, 2 children. Pretty much full time working outside of work to maintain the quality of life the family are accustomed to. Free time…. Zero hours

    Gender: Male
    Height: 182cm (6 foot)
    Weight: 106.8Kg (17 stone, 1 pound)
    BMI: 31.9
    Fat: 31.4%
    Muscle: 32.1%
    Visceral: 14
    Days until diagnosed with diabetes… Maybe soon without a change.

    The problem with X’s lifestyle is that it is far too sedentary. Sitting for hours at a time with little to no movement. Diet is generally very good apart from the excessive amounts of chocolate loaded into the days. Historically X has suffered with yo yo dieting and must have been on half a dozen fad diets. Not good for fitness or the longer term goal of staying fit and healthy.

    The big goal is to get fit and healthy. But knowing X we need to break this down monthly with challenging monthly goals to keep things interesting.

    Month one goal. In one month we will run a 2k followed with 10 flights of steps on the cliffs.

    With immediate effect trim back the chocolate and try and stick to the recommended calories per day. 4 training sessions of 30 mins minimum per week. Training exercises to focus on cardiovascular training. Get a step counter. One that notifies you of being stationary for too long and aim from 10,000 steps a day. Big changes for month one.

    Weigh Loss

    It is all about making time. Everyone can squeeze in a 30 minute workout. Maybe park 30 mins from work and walk the last leg of the journey. Take your gym kit in the car so you can squeeze in a quick session immediately after work. The main thing is to get moving whilst at work and remove the sedentary side from the day to day lifestyle.

    Recruit X Update

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