• Sundried Approach To Weight Loss: Recruit X

    Weight Loss Obese BMI

    “Celebrate being overweight? Have I read that right?”

    Yes, indeed you have. It is not every day when you can celebrate being overweight. In fact, you may not think it is ever appropriate. But you would if, like 61.7% of adults in the UK, you started with a BMI classified as obese.

    Recruit X was part of that statistic. On November 15th 2015 he had a dangerously high visceral fat level of 14. That level of fat around your organs can cause a multitude of health complications, from diabetes to liver dysfunction. Recruit X also weighed 106.8 kg, classing his BMI as obese.

    Recruit X decided it was time to make a change. With the help of Sundried and a dedicated attitude towards his new fitness regime, in just over 4 weeks, we are celebrating. Recruit X  moved out of the obese BMI bracket to the overweight bracket.

    That’s not to say it was an easy journey. Credit where credit's due, when we started just over 4 weeks ago, Recruit X found it a struggle to run 2km. He suffered from very laboured breathing and had to slow down continuously, but he did not give up. A challenge was set 1 month from starting off the Cliff Lift Steps in Southend. (If you are in Southend the Cliff Lift Steps is a great challenge). 10 Flights until freedom, it’s a tough route to climb;  we knew an increase in effort was required. Recruit X gave it all he’d got

    So just after 4 weeks, Recruit X had lost 10kg, moved down an entire BMI bracket, knocked his visceral fat from 14 to 11, and started to find his training easier. Everything is looking up (or down depending on how you look at it!).

    Unfortunately we have chucked Christmas into the mix and the next run will determine how many steps backwards we are looking at, but we like a challenge!

    Posted by Daniel Puddick
  • The Secret To Staying Fit And Healthy From Athletes, Coaches, And Personal Trainers

    The secret to staying fit and healthy personal trainers athletes coaches

    Whether it's being able to keep up with your children and grandchildren or just because you want to live and long and healthy life, we all strive to find the 'secret' to staying fit and healthy. Your inspiration might be Elle Macpherson looking and feeling flawless at 53 or a grandparent who is completing Ironman races. Sundried asked our athletes, coaches, and personal trainer ambassadors what their 'secret' to staying fit and healthy is, as these are the people who eat right, train, and get results no matter what and are inspirational to all of us. 

    James Griffiths, Personal Trainer

    "Consistency and never relying on someone else to motivate me to train. It's my responsibility."

    James Griffiths Personal Trainer

    Thomas Hill, Personal Trainer

    "I focus on the long term. I want to be swinging kettlebells, deadlifting and doing handstands when I'm 90 as well as running rings around my grandchildren!"

    Paul Suett, Team GB Triathlete

    "Just simply eating well and getting a good nights sleep every night, I make sure I get a minimum 9 hours a night and then I feel recovered to train the next day."

    Paul Suett Triathlete Team GB Running

    James Eastwood, Ultramarathon Runner

    "Foam rolling for me."

    Mark Griffin, Triathlon Coach

    "Learning to interpret and recognise the individual warning signs your body gives you and reacting accordingly."

    John Wood, Team GB Triathlete & Coach

    "Doing things that you enjoy. You'll maintain habits far better if you want to do them, or want to eat those things."

    Alice Hector, Professional Triathlete

    "I've got to have a goal to work towards - my focus and motivation decline rapidly without one!"

    Alice Hector Professional Triathlete

    Garrett Turbett, Paratriathlete

    "Having a goal I truly want to achieve. It needs to seem ridiculous and out of reach, otherwise I just can't get excited!"

    Pollyanna Hale, Fit Mum Trainer

    "It's a boring answer but it's consistency. Doing the little things, every. single. day. workout. eat veg. eat protein. drink lots. sleep enough. don't eat too much junk, but don't cut it out for ever. rinse and repeat."

    Luke Elgar, Triathlete

    "Training with people you enjoy spending time with!"

    Rowan Mills, Personal Trainer

    "Move often and well, 80/20 rule, 45 now and still feeling good."

    Posted by Alexandra Parren