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5 Tips For Slimming Down Before Summer

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We all know how easy it is to bulk out during the winter and emerge in spring a few pounds heavier. Follow our tips for advice on how to shed the excess weight in a healthy way ready for summer.

1. Get out of the baggy clothes

One of the worst feelings is not realising how much weight you've gained over winter due to wearing big baggy clothes, only to find you don't feel comfortable in vests and shorts for summer. Get out of the habit of layering up well before summer by getting out of the baggy clothes now and getting used to showing a little more skin.This will work by making you more aware of your body and any weight you might be gaining. It'll also reduce the likelihood of lounging on the sofa eating comfort food as you'll be more conscious of your body.

2. Stop eating winter comfort food

Warming yourself with pasta, curries, and pies over the winter is an easy trap to fall into, but try to get out of that habit as soon as possible. Start incorporating more light salads and fruits into your diet now so that come summer, you'll feel happier and healthier all round. Be mindful of how you eat by chewing your food more before you swallow and try eating smaller portions.

3. Brave the weather and exercise outdoors

There are many benefits to exercising outside such as breathing in the fresh air and saving money on gym memberships, but facing the brutal cold of winter can be a tough one. Go for it and start exercising outdoors, even if it's just a run or bike ride, as you'll feel much better for it and it'll be a great way to slim down in time for summer.

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4. Get support from family and friends

Losing weight alone can be very tough, so seek the help and advice of those close to you. Tell them about your plans to slim down and you never know, they might want to join you on your journey! If you feel like you're going to slip up, they can help you stay focused and they can also help you stay motivated by working out with you and reminding you why you're doing this.

5. Try a beach body workout

There are lots of great workouts that you can do in order to slim down for summer. If you're pushed for time, try our 5 minute punchbag workout or 10 minute tabata workout. We also have an outdoor summer workout for when the weather has warmed up, as well as a resistance band workout and flat stomach abs workout so that you can feel confident in your summer beach body!

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