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This Is What Triathletes And Personal Trainers Snack On

by Alexandra Parren
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healthy triathlete snacks

Ever wondered what healthy people and athletes eat to stay so healthy? Here are our ambassadors' favourite healthy snacks and what makes them so perfect for a healthy lifestyle.

Sophie Kennedy - Personal Trainer

My go-to healthy snack is a refreshing smoothie. I can have them as snacks on the go or while I'm at work. They give a good energy boost, are packed full of nutrients, are hydrating and tasty!

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 healthy smoothie snack

Polly Hale - Personal Trainer

I love Pulsin protein bars as they contain only natural ingredients and no junk. 

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pulsin protein energy bars healthy snack

Helena Kvepa - Ironman Triathlete

My go-to healthy snack is a rice cake with no added nonsense, crunchy peanut butter, and dates on top for added sweetness. It's a quick hit of protein, fat and carbs and feels like a treat!

rice cakes healthy snacks

Leanne James - Ironman Triathlete

Chopped apple dipped in crunchy peanut butter, it's delicious!

apple peanut butter healthy

Nancy Priston - Personal Trainer

I make my own healthy banana pancakes. They work great as a breakfast, or light lunch or afternoon snack. They’re quick and easy to make and taste amazing. If you want something more substantial you can add some protein powder into the mix but I tend not to bother. They are about 100 calories each. 

banana pancakes healthy

Conal McBride - Ironman Triathlete

Avocado stuffed with peanut butter.

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