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Is Garlic Really A Superfood?

by Alexandra Parren
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garlic superfood health nutrition

We tend to hear the buzz word 'superfood' a lot these days, and an increasing number of foods are now being labelled as superfoods and marketed to us as great for our health. But is it all just hype? We take a look.

Why are superfoods good for us?

It's definitely arguable that the term 'superfood' has been created as a marketing ploy to justify the increased price on certain food products and to make us think they are miracle cures when really they have no discernible qualities. 

Superfoods tend to be foods that are packed full of nutrients and are indeed good for our health. Foods like kale and spinach, which we know are good for us, are labelled as 'superfoods' because of their high doses of vitamins and minerals. What that means is that superfoods are good for us because they are naturally healthy. However, it shows that the label 'superfood' may well be unnecessary.

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spinach superfood nutrients vitamins

Are superfoods a myth?

There are more and more foods being labelled as superfoods now, from kale to coconut water and ginger to garlic. It's important to use common sense when trying to figure out if they are a myth, as some of these foods are obviously very good for our health. For example, dark green leafy vegetables like kale and spinach are full of antioxidants, can balance hormones, and provide lots of high quality nutrients. However, foods like garlic seem a little more average. 

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coconut water healthy nutrients fitness

What are the benefits of super foods?

There are many benefits to the health foods labelled as super foods. In answer to the question 'is garlic really a superfood?' we can see that it does has health benefits, for example garlic lowers blood pressure and is also thought to prevent illnesses like the common cold. In fact, the sulfur compounds in garlic are thought to reduce our risk of developing cancer. This certainly does argue a good case for garlic being a superfood. Really, any food that has health benefits could be labelled a 'superfood'. It's more a case of using common sense to make sure you follow a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle in order to stay happy and healthy.

garlic superfood healthy fitness

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