• Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer Edition

    Misfit and Speedo have announced the launch of the Speedo 2 Shine, a speedo-branded swim, sleep and activity tracker.

    Following the original collaboration between these two fitness giants the Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer introduces a new generation of swim tracking, made completely with swimmers in mind. Misfit and Speedo’s proprietary lap counting algorithms track a swimmer’s lap count with industry-leading accuracy and work for all stroke types.

    Speedo Shine

    The activity tracker is made made of durable aircraft-grade aluminium, designed for non-stop wear with a battery life of up to 6 months.

    The latest edition tracks swim distance down to the meter, counts swim laps for 25 and 50 meter pools, and counts down a set swim time. It also works with the Speedo Fit app to provide granular insight into your swim fitness.

    Misfit Shine 2 swimmer edition also tracks steps, distance, calories, light and restful sleep, delivers call and text alerts and vibration notifications with IoT compatibility that let you control your connected devices.

    “Whether you’re training competitively or swimming for fitness, you want your focus to be on speed and form – not tracking laps. With the Speedo Shine 2, you can concentrate on your efforts in the pool without distractions,” said Team Speedo USA athlete and four-time Olympic medallist Cullen Jones. “Speedo Shine 2 is an ideal aid for athletes and fitness enthusiasts to maximise their time in the water while keeping track of their overall fitness and sleep.”

    The new Misfit Link compatibility means the Speedo Shine 2 can be turned into a music remote, selfie trigger, presentation clicker, or button to enable a variety of smart home devices and web services.

    The Speedo Shine 2 also features Misfit’s most advanced hardware and firmware, which offers dramatically improved touch responsiveness with capacitive touch technology, faster syncing, and an extended Bluetooth range. Its 12 lights display over 16 million colours and are bright enough to be seen in direct sunlight.

    The also device works with Speedo’s personalised swim tracking app, Speedo Fit, to provide a fine-grain resolution into your swim fitness.

    The Misfit Shine 2 Swimmer Edition retails at $119.99 and ships to the UK in 2 to 3 weeks.

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  • Health Data From Your Wearable Devices Can Prevent Major Diseases

    health data medical devices wearables fitness news

    Unlike in the past where many of us had to visit health facilities numerous times to monitor our health progress, these days technology has greatly advanced in developing electronic medical wearables that collect vital health information. With this technology, it is now very simple to know our health status and remotely send health data to physicians. Once they have the data, they will analyse it and form a basis from which they will advise on healthy habits to keep off or maintain to prevent major illness.

    Additionally, wearable devices allow doctors to keep a 24/7 track of their patients’ health progress in relation to how they are responding to certain drugs and strict adherence to medications. This way, they will give accurate diagnosis that will not only help to effectively manage their patients’ health, but also prevent their conditions from progressing further to terminal unmanageable diseases.

    How Can Health Data From Your Wearable Prevent Major Disease?

    Medical wearables have proven to be very effective at collecting health data that is used to analyse the health status of the body. With such information, individuals can make a well-informed decision when it comes to deciding lifestyle adjustments that are aimed at preventing life-threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke, cancer, diabetes among others. There is wearable technology that has proven helpful to prevent major diseases says Alex Tchablakian, COO at Letstango.com. Here is just an overview.

    Preventing Breast Cancer

    The cancer of the breast is one of the most common cancers. Actually, it comes second after skin cancer in the US. This type of cancer can affect both sexes although it is very common in women. If detected at its early stages, breast cancer is 100% curable. Well with breast wearable device, women can now put a smile in their faces since this cancer in now preventable with early detection before it aggressively advance to the infectious stage.

    One such wearable device that accurately monitor breast cells activity is the iTBra developed by Cycardia Health. This wearable comes in the form of dual patches that are inserted on each breast and worn together with a bra. The iTBra has proven highly accurate in detecting breast cancer when compared to the mammogram test where in some past instances the later failed and delayed preventive treatment. The breast wearable detects cancer by monitoring cellular changes in temperature arising from metabolic activities of the breast.

    Well, you only need to wear the iTBra patches twice a month. These are then connected to a computer or smartphone through the USB or Wi-Fi where the health data is remotely sent to Cycadia Health Lab for analysis who will in turn send the results in a matter of minutes.

    Cyrcadia health iTBra cancer prevention treatment fitness health wearable technology

    Preventing major disease from UV exposure

    The UV light brings positive benefits to the body. Among them being production of vitamin D that helps with bones, improves certain types of skin conditions like psoriasis, and helps with moods. However, environmental exposure to UV rays is associated with ill health implications such as immune suppression, sunburns, skin ageing and worse still skin cancer.

    The main challenge arising from UV is that it is hard to tell whether the environmental exposure is harmful and before even you realise the health damage is already done. To prevent diseases attributed to UV exposure, MC10 have developed L’Oréal’s UV sense wearable that helps you to monitor both time and duration that you stay outdoor exposed to sun’s UV radiation.

    To collect the health data, L’Oréal’s UV sense is simply placed on the thumbnail exactly the same way you do with artificial nails. This wearable doesn’t need a battery to operate and data can be analysed on the smartphone. With this information, you can plan your day well and limit outdoor activities that are exposing you to UV.

    L'Oreal UV Sense wearable technology

    Monitor your child's health

    Unlike us adults, babies are highly prone to sickness simply because their immune system is still developing. As a nursing parent, you will always be worried since every second counts when you have just received a call that your child is unwell. What is even worse about this is the challenge in discerning what exactly s/he is ailing from especially if s/he is yet to develop speech. This can leave you confused and not knowing what will soothe the child to stop crying.

    There are various wearables that you can get for your child to help collect health data that can be sent to the paediatrician for analysis. One such wearable that you can use is the SPOtwo. The wearable is worn on the infant’s foot for comfort.

    The SPOtwo collects real time health data which can be sent automatically to the doctor through a mobile device. This way, he will be able to monitor the vital signs of the child while at the same time quickly responding to health risk before it progresses to anything serious that may endanger its life.

    wearable technology child health

    Monitor your heart health

    There are quite a number of conditions that affects the heart that are commonly attributed irregular heartbeat, clogged vessels, weak valves, lung disease, heightened blood pressure to mention a few. The advancement in  heart wearable technology has made it very easy to collect heart data that can be used to diagnose heart conditions and monitor its activity. For instance, if your wearable device signals a high blood pressure, this means that you should exercise more to burn to burn more fats which will come along with burning fats constricting the arteries.

    A typical example of heart wearable device that you can use to collect health data is the KardiaBand. This wearable records heartbeat by simply placing putting a set of your fingers on the KardiaBand which placed close to the phone. In less than a minute, the ECG will display on your smartphone which will then announce whether your heartbeat is normal or irregular. Lastly but not least, this wearable is capable of detecting urgent heart issues requiring medical attention and precaution measures that you should take to prevent a heart attack.

    There are many health benefits that come along with using medical wearables. The health data gathered helps us to be wise in preventing lifestyle activities that may expose us to major diseases.

    About the author: Alex Tchablakian is COO at Letstango.com – leading online shopping destination, Alex is a die-hard lover of games, apps and gadgets. His aim is to help users to discover and choose the right product. You can reach him at alex@letstango.com.

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  • Introducing Michael Kors Access Wearable Technology

    Michael Kors Wearables

    Michael Kors, a global luxury lifestyle brand, introduce the Michael Kors Access display smartwatch, part of its new wearable technology accessories line.

    The line is geared towards the fashion-focused consumer and combines innovative technology with exceptional style.

    The cutting-edge technology at the heart of the Michael Kors Access smartwatch, which is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, is made possible through a partnership with Google, using their Android Wear smartwatch platform.

    Designed to show that technology and social connectivity should be seamless, the Michael Kors Access line, which also includes activity trackers, proves that access can be both glamorous and effortless.

    “Our customers love fashion and they’re plugged in 24/7,” says Michael Kors. “I think they’ll appreciate having social connectivity and health and fitness tracking all within a great-looking accessory.”

    Michael Kors smartwatches offer customisable features such as exclusive Michael Kors display watch faces, which change with a swipe, a touchscreen display smartwatch powered by Android Wear that provides social media updates and text and email alerts, app notifications and smart help from Google Built-in fitness tracking and interchangeable leather and silicone wristbands with glamorous versions for women and sporty versions for men.

    The watch supports magnetic charging with a system-on-a-chip designed to ensure a highly interactive touch screen experience.

    Michael Kors Access

    “We’re excited to offer our customers smart, great-looking watches that will help them to stay on top of their daily lives while uniquely expressing their personal style,” says John Idol, Chairman and CEO of Michael Kors. The Michael Kors customer lives a busy, fast-paced life and the Access collection will let him or her stay connected. “From Google Search to smartwatches, Google strives to give you the information you need to stay connected to what matters most,” says David Singleton, VP of Engineering for Android Wear.

    Michael Kors Access will be launched in 18 countries via a global digital and print advertising campaign, including a video featuring Zendaya and Martha Hunt. The video follows the two models on a jam-packed day in New York City,from morning workouts to a glamorous evening party. Throughout the day, Michael Kors Access smartwatches keep them in sync and looking chic. 

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  • Epson Release New Fitness Wearables

    Epson Fitness Tracker Wearables

    Epson is probably best known as an electronics company, famous for their printers. But now the company have joined the ever-growing market for fitness wearables with their new range. 

    Whilst it may seem like an odd jump from printers to watches, a little research in the company's history suggests it’s not such a great leap. Epson is a Japanese company founded in 1942 and part of the corporate entity ‘Seiko Epson’. The same ‘Seiko’ known for its watches.

    Epson believes that what makes their fitness trackers stand out from other fitness watches is their precision technology. The company uses homegrown quartz crystals, which have been at the heart of Seiko watches from the offset. The artificial quartz is said to be purer and therefore enhance its accuracy.

    The range of wearables includes the M Tracer, which monitors a golfer's swing, the Pulsense activity tracker which monitors heart rate through blood flow, and the Runsense GPS running heart rate watches to rival Garmin's range.

    Could they be the future of fitness watches? Watch this space. In the meantime, read our Epson Runsense SF-810 Running Watch Review

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  • Garmin Vivomove

    "The style-focused vívomove makes it easier than ever to stay fashionable and active."

    The latest watch my Garmin, Vívomove has arrived as a fashionable analog watch with activity tracking features.

    Garmin Vivomove


    The Vívomove combines classic design with function, monitoring steps and sleep and reminding users when they’ve been inactive too long with its move bar.  The watch feature one-year battery life, a water rating of 5ATM (50 meters) and a variety of interchangeable bands to be wearable 24/7, no matter what the occasion.

    “Whether you’re heading into the boardroom or walking into a ballpark, Vívomove has you and your steps covered” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

    Garmin Vivomove

    Designed to be worn all day vívomove features a timeless analog style face and is available in several models: the sleek vívomove sport, vívomove classic with leather straps, and the more upscale vívomove premium with leather straps and full steel body. With interchangeable leather and silicone strap options and a variety of fashionable case finishes including black, white, rose gold-tone, stainless steel, and gold-tone, the vívomove can be customised to a user’s personal style.

    The watch face features two bars that allow users to view step progress and inactivity at a glance. The bar on the left side of the face shows the progress toward a user’s personalized daily step goal. The red bar on the right side of the watch face reminds users when they’ve been inactive too long, filling half way after one hour of inactivity and building with every 15 minutes after that until it’s reset by walking for a couple of minutes.

    Garmin Vivomove Review

    Throughout the day, the Vivomove automatically syncs with the Garmin Connect Mobile app, a free online fitness community where users can track workouts, sleep patterns and trends, join online challenges to compete against friends and earn virtual badges.

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