Epson Fitness Tracker Wearables

Epson is probably best known as an electronics company, famous for their printers. But now the company have joined the ever-growing market for fitness wearables with their new range. 

Whilst it may seem like an odd jump from printers to watches, a little research in the company's history suggests it’s not such a great leap. Epson is a Japanese company founded in 1942 and part of the corporate entity ‘Seiko Epson’. The same ‘Seiko’ known for its watches.

Epson believes that what makes their fitness trackers stand out from other fitness watches is their precision technology. The company uses homegrown quartz crystals, which have been at the heart of Seiko watches from the offset. The artificial quartz is said to be purer and therefore enhance its accuracy.

The range of wearables includes the M Tracer, which monitors a golfer's swing, the Pulsense activity tracker which monitors heart rate through blood flow, and the Runsense GPS running heart rate watches to rival Garmin's range.

Could they be the future of fitness watches? Watch this space. In the meantime, read our Epson Runsense SF-810 Running Watch Review