• Garmin Heart Rate Trackers

    Garmin Heart Rate Trackers

    Garmin joins wrist-based heart rate monitoring

    Is 2016 set to be the year for the rise of wrist based heart rate monitoring?

    Now joining its competitors Mio and Fitbit, the latest Garmin watches offer Wrist-based heart rate for the ultimate 24/7 feedback.

    Garmin Forerunner 235 built in heart rate monitor

    The Garmin Forerunner 235 with built in heart rate monitor

    Eliminating the need to strap up before exercise, Garmin now allows its users to breeze through exercise and everyday life.

    The newest Garmin Forerunner 235 boasts Garmin's trademarked ‘Elevate’ software, which promises to offer precise and simple detailed training analysis, including GPS tracking.We will be reviewing the new features shortly.

    Garmin is also releasing the Fenix 3, their latest watch which claims it is the ultimate timepiece. Fusing fashion and fitness, the Fenix has 24/7 wrist based heart rate, GPS navigation, multiple sports tracking, and fitness tests as well as a sleek designer look.

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  • Epson Release New Fitness Wearables

    Epson Fitness Tracker Wearables

    Epson is probably best known as an electronics company, famous for their printers. But now the company have joined the ever-growing market for fitness wearables with their new range. 

    Whilst it may seem like an odd jump from printers to watches, a little research in the company's history suggests it’s not such a great leap. Epson is a Japanese company founded in 1942 and part of the corporate entity ‘Seiko Epson’. The same ‘Seiko’ known for its watches.

    Epson believes that what makes their fitness trackers stand out from other fitness watches is their precision technology. The company uses homegrown quartz crystals, which have been at the heart of Seiko watches from the offset. The artificial quartz is said to be purer and therefore enhance its accuracy.

    The range of wearables includes the M Tracer, which monitors a golfer's swing, the Pulsense activity tracker which monitors heart rate through blood flow, and the Runsense GPS running heart rate watches to rival Garmin's range.

    Could they be the future of fitness watches? Watch this space. In the meantime, read our Epson Runsense SF-810 Running Watch Review

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  • Mio Introduces PAI: Personal Activity Intelligence

    Mio Fuse Heart Rate Fitness Tracker Fitness Watch

    Mio's new Personal Activity Intelligence score turns your heart rate into an activity score that tells you how much you should be doing to stay healthy.

    Mio's revolutionary new PAI system was developed by Ulrik Wisløff, a health and exercise research scientist who used a study done on 45,000 people over 25 years to create an algorithm that uses heart rate data to show how much exercise each individual needs to stay healthy.

    Your goal is to finish the week with a PAI score of over 100 which indicates that your level of activity will increase your lifespan.

    In order to start using their Personal Activity Intelligence, users need to download the PAI app and then use their Mio wearable during a training session. PAI then uses this data to give the user instant feedback and a PAI score.

    Pai is simple to use in every activity you do as long as it raises your heart rate. 

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  • Now Your Heart Rate Watch Can Find You Love

    New Dating App Once Heart Rate Monitor Tracker Watch

    Are you bored of swiping through Tinder and batting away bad matches on Plenty Of Fish? Well now there's a new dating app on the market and it takes things to the next level. Dating app 'Once' uses your heart rate to evaluate how much you like your potential match by testing how much your heart races when you see them. ‘Once’ aims to stay away from mindlessly swiping through endless profiles by only giving its users one match per day based on their heart rate reading. They then have 24 hours to decide if they want to go ahead with their match.

    The USP of Once is that it focuses on quality, not quantity, by only providing you with one potential match each day. At noon, you and your partner will see each other on the app and have 24 hours to decide if you like each other. The really special feature is the heart rate monitor. Those with a Fitbit or Android can hook up their device and then let the fun begin. Once's founder Jean Meyer thinks this feature will help users distinguish real matches. If you look at your partner's photo and your heart rate spikes, it means you really like them!

    Since its launch in October 2015, Once has gathered 3 million users and is available in 32 different countries. So, what're you waiting for? Time for your fitness tracker to really do some work!


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  • Monitor Your Sleep With Mio Fuse

    Mio Fuse Sleep Tracking is here

    After installing the new update via the Mio Go app, sleeping tracking is ready and waiting.

    Press and hold both the left and right touch points and your watch will ask “sleep?”, tap to confirm and hit the mattress. Fuse will even display a good night message.

    Fast forward an optimistic 8 hours and when you wake, press and hold the left and right touch points once more until Fuse asks “wake?”, confirm to collect your morning greeting and return to all-day mode.

    The app will then display the level of your sleep (awake/light/deep), its duration, and sleep efficiency. This is a great tool for athletes who rely on a good night's sleep for proper recovery.

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