New app ‘Once’ has given your heart-rate tracker yet another feature. Now listening to your heart won’t just help with your fitness, it could find you love as well.

Heart Rate Data from your Watch

Users of the new dating app sync with their heart rate monitor as they view users in real time. The theory being that as they see someone they like, their heart rate monitor will recognise their heart start racing. If both parties heart rate gets going when they view one- another's profiles, it’s a match.

‘Once’ aims to pull users away from the swiping frenzies of fellow dating apps by only giving it’s users one match per day based on their heart rate readings. They then have 24 hours to decide if they want to go ahead with their match.

So single fitness fans, could this be the answer to love?  At least for gym-goers, you’ll know you have similar interests because you’ll both be using heart rate activity trackers to start with.

From monitoring your sleep to tracking your fitness and now finding you a partner? What on earth will the fitness tracker do next !?