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    fashion gym wear womens activewear

    Gym wear is no longer restricted to just the gym. With the rise of womens activewear and athleisure trends, it's becoming perfectly acceptable to wear sports clothing as casual wear and there are lots of ways to make your gym wear fashionable. We take a look at the main features of fashion gym wear and give you some advice on how to pull it off.

    Seamless activewear

    When it comes to activewear clothing, seamless is one of the main features you want to look for. Not only does it make your womens fitness clothing more comfortable and functional, it feels great to wear all day and is super versatile. When it comes to cute gym clothes, there's nothing better than a hoodie. Layer an oversized jacket or hoodie over a sports bra crop top or tight fitted gym top for a super chic look, or find a fashionable hoodie like the Sundried Grand Tournalin Women's Hoodie and pair it with leggings and casual shoes for a look that will work both in the gym and out. 

    Where to buy workout clothes

    There are lots of places to buy womens gym wear in the uk and it can be best to stick to British brands for an authentic experience. Sundried is based entirely in the UK and this is where all our sportswear is designed. We make all of our womens activewear sustainably, which means it does not harm the planet and a lot of our range is made from 100% recycled materials. The production of sportswear for women can have a big impact on the environment, so buying from an ethical activewear brand can make a big difference. 

    Our ethics also include donating to charity, as well as treating all our workers fairly. This means no sweat shops or slave labour, just happy employees who love their job and work in great conditions. 

    You can buy Sundried activewear on our website. Because our womens activewear is not available in stores or shops, we save on overhead costs, and pass those savings on to our customers.


    The new trend that's sweeping the nation is called 'athleisure'. This trend is the fusion of fitness and fun, gym style and street style, and it's taking the fitness industry by storm. With super soft fabrics and stylish designs it's perfect for all-day wear, but with the careful design and technical materials you can also wear your athleisure wear to the gym for a great workout. 

    Gym Fashion Ideas

    If you're looking for inspiration on how to wear your new athleisure or activewear purchases, take a look at our inspiration page with lots of gym fashion ideas for both men and women. 

    A great idea is mixing sportswear with casual wear. Try layering a denim jacket over your sports bra crop top for an effortless look that can transition from lunch to the gym. Your sportswear and your everyday wardrobe are not mutually exclusive - try mixing it up!

    Below, Sophie is wearing the Sundried Breithorn 2.0 Sports Bra under a denim jacket for a casual lunch date. 

    gym fashion ideas sportswear activewear atheleisure

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  • Yoga Clothes | What To Wear For Yoga | Buying Guide

    Yoga is a type of fitness that is accessible to anyone and can be great for your health. Studies have even shown that yoga can ease the suffering of cancer patients. There are lots of types of yoga clothes out there so it's important to know what's best. It's ideal to wear yoga-specific clothing because you know you'll be comfortable, so let's take a look at the best yoga clothes.

    Black yoga pants

    A good pair of quality black yoga pants should be the staple of any yoga-lover's wardrobe. These can be worn to any yoga class and will be so comfortable you'll want to wear them all day! Black is famed for going with anything, so you can wear your black yoga pants with other stylish yoga clothes and cute gym outfits. The best type of black yoga pants will be seamless for freedom of movement and so that you can stretch, flex, and pose to your heart's desire without being restricted. 

    Hot yoga clothes

    Hot yoga is the practice taking the globe by storm, having been majorly popularised by Bikram Choudury with his Bikram Yoga. For this type of yoga, you'll want to be careful with what you wear as there's nothing worse than being hot and bothered and uncomfortable in your clothes! Try a loose yoga top like the Sundried Grivola 2.0 layered over a crop top or sports bra. This yoga wear is made from 100% recycled materials, providing superior technical qualities like sweat-wicking and anti-odour capabilities. This means it's absolutely perfect for a sweaty hot yoga session!

    Hot yoga clothes loose yoga top

    Yoga shorts

    For your sweaty hot yoga session, you'll also want a pair of comfortable yoga shorts. Again, you want to be uninhibited as you move so that you can achieve the poses to the best of your ability without being held back by tight leggings or trousers. A pair of shorts will help you stay comfortable and the Sundried Women's Shorts are made from recycled materials which are super sweat-wicking and dry twice as fast as cotton so you won't be dripping by the end of your class. They feature a compression-style inner short for added protection and coverage so you don't need to worry about showing off too much skin as you move. They also feature a pocket to the back which is large enough for a smart phone so you can keep your valuables safe during the class.

    Sundried shorts compression sweat wicking hot yoga

    Yoga apparel brands

    There are several big brands which do yoga apparel both online and in store. Shop around to see what you like best and always read reviews and testimonials to see what other people are saying too.

    • Sundried has a really special yoga collection with pieces made from 100% recycled materials. This means you can be proud of where your yoga clothing came from and know you helped to save the planet with your purchase.
    • Lululemon is a Canadian yoga clothing company who specialise in cute yoga clothes and gym outfits for both men and women.
    • Sweaty Betty is also a big yoga apparel brand with clothes specifically designed for women.
    • Manuka Life is an up and coming yoga brand with collections for men and women with stylish yoga clothes and yoga wear.

    Stylish yoga clothes

    You want to look good as well as feel good. Read Sundried's guide on what to wear for yoga to know exactly what is best. Loose yoga tops and seamless leggings are your best bet.

    Yoga clothing UK

    In the UK, there are brands that are ethical so you know you are helping to save the environment when you buy your new yoga clothes and yoga mat. Sundried's premium yoga mat is made from natural Jute fibre and is totally non-slip while our loose yoga top is made from recycled coffee grounds and has natural anti-odour properties making it perfect for a hot yoga class!

    Useful Links

    Here on the Sundried blog, we have lots of articles about yoga and tips for buying yoga clothing.

    Yoga Guide

    Sundried's yoga guide is a downloadable PDF and is your one-stop guide to everything yoga. It includes some basic positions for you to try before your first class or just to try at home. It also has top tips for yoga as well as what kit you'll need.

    Download the Sundried yoga guide here.

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  • Activewear for Winter Running

    Wniter running mens leggings training

    Finding motivation in winter can be tough, but with the right winter running gear your training should be able to carry on through the cold season. Avoid getting into a winter rut with activewear for winter running.

    Insulating Socks

    Start with socks which are going to keep your feet dry and warm and prevent blisters. You want your socks to be thick without rubbing, so opt for ones with extra cushioning in key areas like the toes and heels like the Sundried running socks. These socks also feature superior sweat-wicking capabilities which prevent chafing and soggy feet. 

    Bottom Layers

    Sweatpants may be a great option while relaxing at home, but they are not really suitable for winter running. With the right womens running leggings and mens tights, you will be comfortable, warm, and unrestricted on your run. Women may opt for capri leggings in the summer as their cropped style allows is great for warmer temperatures, but you'll need a full length pair for winter.

    The Sundried Ruinette 2.0 womens running leggings are made with seamless materials which will stay comfortable after countless miles, and are made with luxury materials which will insulate you and keep you warm. For men, the Roteck 2.0 mens tights are perfect worn as a base layer under a pair of shorts for extra protection.

    Mens tights running leggings winter training

    Another issue with your bottom layer is visibility. Whilst in the summer, it’s easy to spot runners in the sunshine, during darker winter months visibility becomes more of an issue. Sundried running bottoms have reflective linings which help to emphasise your visibility and keep you safe during lower light conditions, however it’s essential to keep visible with multiple visibility enhancing garments from vests to head torches and wristbands. Safety is crucial.

    Winter months are also perfect for layering for that extra level of protection, try pairing shorts over tights to work as a windshield for more sensitive areas. 

    Top Layers

    Wearing multiple layers is the best way to stay protected and warm on a long winter run. You may well start your run feeling very chilly, but as your heart rate increases so does your basal body temperature and you'll soon start to feel pretty toasty and perhaps even break a sweat! However, if you need to stop or walk for a moment, you temperature will soon drop again and you'll start to feel cold again. This is why wearing layers is essential. Start with a running vest or training t-shirt as your base layer, and then wear a long sleeve training top or lightweight hoodie over the top. Then, additional to this, you could wear a more heavyweight hoodie or sweatshirt over that which you could take off and put back on as needed. 

    Some people may ask, "do you burn more fat wearing a sweatshirt?" This is a common thought because it makes you sweat more, but the most important thing is to stay warm and comfortable while training outdoors in winter, so dress smart.

    womens lightweight hoodie running activewear sportswear


    In the summer months, it’s all about wearing as little as possible, but when winter hits you can afford an accessory or two, as long as it doesn't weigh you down too much.

    Although your hands and feet will warm up as you run, it's still an idea to invest in a pair of winter gloves for your colder training sessions. The Sundried bamboo gloves have silicone grippers to the palms so you won't drop your phone if it's wet or slippery, and they are touch screen sensitive so you can still use your smart phone while you're wearing them.

    A lightweight hat will keep your head warm at the start of your run without giving you a sweaty head when you start to heat up. Keeping your hat lightweight also means it can easily be removed and folded into a pocket if necessary.

    Make sure you're comfortable and warm no matter what so that the winter miles can roll by without any issue. Your womens fitness clothing needs to be winter-specific and make sure it has superior technical qualities. Your mens gym clothes should be stylish but also practical.

    Womens beanie hat cute gym clothes stylish gym outfit

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  • Triathlon Wear

    what do i wear for a triathlon?

    Experienced triathletes will know that you are only as good as your kit, and when it comes to triathlon, the gear can get pretty complicated. What do you wear for a triathlon? We take a look.

    What do you wear for a triathlon?

    There are lots of moving parts in triathlon, and you need kit that's going to be comfortable and functional from swim to bike to run. The one-stop piece of triathlon gear is a tri suit, but there are lots of other pieces of kit you will need too. So, what do you wear for a triathlon?

    Tri Suit

    Your trisuit is what you will wear for the duration of the race. You can wear it under your wetsuit for the swim and then cycle and run in it. As such, it needs to be super quick-drying so that you don't chafe on the bike and the seat pad needs to be ergonomically designed and small enough that it doesn't inhibit your run. The Sundried men's tri suit features a sleeveless design to create complete freedom of movement during your race and features a chamois pad which will protect you where it counts on the bike! The Sundried women's tri suit is also sleeveless and has a long zipper to the back so that you can get in and out of it easily. 

    Read more on what to look for in a trisuit here.

    Sundried tri suit triathlete triathlon bike cycling

    Triathlon Belt

    A triathlon belt - also known as a race number belt - is an elastic belt worn around either the hips or waist which holds your race bib number and can be easily fastened. The reason these are recommended for multi-sport events is because they can be easily moved. There is a British Triathlon rule which stipulates you must have your number visible from the back on the bike but from the front on the run. If you have pinned your race number to your trisuit or top, you won't be able to swivel round so that it's visible from the back on the bike. However, if you wear a triathlon belt, you'll be able to move it with ease. Another benefit of wearing a tri belt is that a good one will have space to hold your energy gels, and it'll mean you don't need to ruin your nice trisuit by poking holes in it! 

    triathlon belt race number bib holder

    If you are looking to take part in your first triathlon, take a look at our comprehensive kit list guide with everything you'll need to be race-day ready!

    What do I need for my first triathlon?

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  • Womens Activewear

    Women's Activewear

    From Zumba to running, cycling to swimming and everything inbetween. We require a lot from our women's activewear so it’s important to pick a style which suits you. Sundried's handy guide to womens activewear will give you all the dos and don'ts, and will help you learn what to look out for when buying new pieces of women's activewear too.

    Womens Gym Top

    Fitted Gym Tops

    Fitted gym tops are beneficial for those who want to show off a well earned physique. These tops are usually crafted with stretch materials which hug your shape and flatter your frame. Opting for a fitted gym top helps to ensure that your session is restriction free, as loose garments can catch on equipment or trap wind when running outdoors. A well-fitted top will also allow you to monitor your form, particularly watching for an arched or hunched back which is a common cause of injury. Sundried’s Tour Noir tank features 4-way stretch materials which create a streamlined silhouette and unique cut outs to the back engineered to provide the ultimate ventilation and freedom of movement.

    womens activewear tank top fitted gym top

    Drape Gym Tops

    A drape gym top is great for those looking to cover up that little bit more. Loose materials skim the body and flatter all body types. Drape tops such as the Sundried Grivola Tee are also perfect for fitting into your normal day wear and can easily be taken from casual to active. With its super stylish fit, this type of top is perfect for wearing to a yoga class or for a gym workout. A loose gym top is perfect layered over a more tight fitting top or just a stylish sports bra. 

    womens loose gym top stylish cute activewear

    Compression Gym Tops

    Compression wear is designed to be worn like a second skin and is great for becoming streamlined in sports such as cycling. It is also typically lightweight in design which is what makes it so popular for sportswear. Compression technology has also been shown to increase blood flow and help prevent aches, however this is often questioned and more supporting research is needed. For more information on the benefits of compression wear, have a read of our in-depth article.

    Women’s Crop Gym Tops

    Those wanting to flash their washboard abs tend to opt for crop tops. In warmer summer months, a crop top can make a stylish statement whilst keeping you cool. We suggest wearing our Breithorn bra solo when exercising in warmer weather, like our ambassador Sophie.

    Sundried Breithorn bra sports bra crop top cropped stylish activewear

    Womens Leggings

    Finding the right gym bottoms is vital for your performance when training.

    The Sundried Ruinette tights are multi-functional, providing support for a multitude of sports with extra waist support and a reflective trim for running in low light.

    We also have a guide to activewear to help you find the right support for your sport and our list of must have women's activewear.

    Activewear Clothing

    There are lots of different elements to activewear, and to complete your exercise outfits you'll want a stylish sports bra. There are lots of different types of sports bra, so it's important to pick the right one.

    Sports Bra Crop Top

    If you don't need too much support, for example if you are doing low impact exercise like walking or yoga, you can wear a sports bra crop top. These are incredibly stylish and fashionable and can make for really cute gym clothes. The Sundried Breithorn 2.0 Sports Bra is designed in a crop top style so it can be worn on its own or under a casual jacket to take your activewear from gym to casual wear effortlessly. Sophie here is wearing hers under a denim jacket for chic style at a casual lunch with friends. When it comes to street style, there's nothing better.

    brunch sports bra crop top stylish fashionable street style

    High Support Sports Bra

    If something more supportive is what you're looking for, take a look at the Sundried Busazza Sports Bra. It is made with seamless materials so it fits like a second skin and will give you that locked-in feel you want when doing higher impact activities like a circuit class or CrossFit. It is made with premium fabrics which are super soft to the touch and will feel amazing on your skin.

    Sundried support sports bra crop top cute gym clothes

    Womens Gym Clothes Online

    Buying womens sportswear online can be a minefield, but if you know what to look for, you'll end up with cute gym clothes and exercise outfits that are the envy of all your friends. Have a read of our guide on What To Look For When Buying Sportswear so that you have everything you need to know in one place. 

    The main difference between buying ladies gym wear online and in a store is that you can't try it on. That's why Sundried have a comprehensive womens activewear size guide  with tips on how to measure yourself properly and international conversions so that you know exactly which size you'll need. It's also a good idea to check that the online store you're buying from offers free shipping and free returns so that if it is the wrong size, you can swap it for a different size hassle-free. 

    There are lots of benefits to buying womens sports clothing online, the main one being convenience. You can browse the collections at your own pace and compare different styles of workout attire. Plus, when it gets delivered, it's like Christmas and all the presents are for you! 

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