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Mens Running Tights

by Daniel Puddick
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Triathlon 220 Review of Sundried Leggings

Mens Running Tights

When I'm buying mens leggings for running my primary concern is warmth. Leggings are something I start to consider once it gets about 10° and below, but I try and push it to 7° if I am feeling manly! So we've established a primary concern; that it's all about comfort, feeling great and of course, looking great.

Running Clothes

What I like about running is it is so simple. It's a great one that you can do whilst on holiday, even if you have just got 30 minutes spare. Unlike cycling in the winter where there's at least 15 minutes of kerfuffle. With cycling I'm looking for my leggings and bib-shorts, can’t find my thick socks. Base layer, gloves, skull cap. My overshoes. Bike lights. Garmin computer. Drinks bottle. Helmet. What have I forgotten. A plastic food bag to put my phone in. Emergency £10... But with running it is so easy. Of course in the winter the running gear has a few extra layers but in the UK when it's above freezing I can get out the house within just a few minutes. To most people getting out the house in a few minutes is certainly a win win situation.

Sports Tights; Men’s Rules

Sundried ran a small Twitter survey to see if people prefer to wear shorts over their running tights or leggings (whatever you want to call them). In the UK it seems that wearing shorts over tights is the popular vote and the preferred set-up for myself. I'm certainly a shorts over tights runner.

Winter Running Pants

Running in winter I have my running tights, shorts, trainer socks and trainers. Typically I wear a base layer with a slightly thicker long sleeve top on. If it is really cold then I'm digging out a hoodie, then of course gloves and hat. If you're an early morning or evening runner you may find yourself reaching for a head torch at this time of year, but when it comes to running clothes, that’s about it. The main change really is the winter running tights. I sometimes find myself in June with base layers, but the leggings separate the season.

Running Tights - What are they really called?

Leggings, running pants, compression tights. Are they gym leggings, or running leggings? Are they base layer, or outer layer? Mostly they are all one and the same. For me, leggings for men are about being simple. Mens running tights need to be warm, which is most people's primary reason for wearing them. They need to be easy enough to get on and off. What they are labelled as depends on the brand, if the brand is from the UK or USA they may be tights or pants, but if they do the job that is all you need to worry about.

What are Compression Tights?

Compression tights are a very big subject. Some people swear by compression tights for men. Others say they do nothing. Doctors say they help on a long haul flight! Many leggings that are sold as compression are not really a medical grade product. Mens compression tights need to be made from multiple fabrics, with different levels of support depending where on the leg they sit. It really is a specialist subject. You may find it is easier to buy leggings for warmth and get any required compression from your socks. Something that seems to be easier to get a really personalised fit off the shelf.

Running Leggings

With your leggings another thing that may influence your purchase is how far you run. Mens leggings may be sold in a very lightweight fabric. Taking off the chill in a spring morning. For me when I reach for my leggings I want something with a bit more warmth and some serious comfort. Flatlock stitching will offer you the comfort you need on a longer run.

Reaching for your tights

You may find yourself wearing sports leggings for other purposes. Not just running. For example if you attend an athletics club your leggings will definitely need to be warm. Unlike running you may find yourself standing still for periods of time. Athletic leggings need to have optimum stretch and mobility. You may reach for your tights when you go to the gym. If you are training in a warehouse style muscle gym, the chances are heating is not something the gym overspends on. Mens tights for the gym may need to be thinner depending on how cold it really is but definitely look for a tight that offers sweat wicking. They will help keep you cool if you do start to warm up. Next time you are in the gym have a look out for men wearing leggings. If it is not cold, maybe they need to up their reps on their legs, or maybe they just have technical fabrics that draw the sweat away from the legs. A premium legging will offer heat control that should keep you just right. So your exercise tights will be working as hard as you are. Your workout tights need to be a considered purchase. Mens gym tights are not all the same!

Best running tights

The best running tights for men are the ones that keep you warm, but draw water away from your skin as you heat up. Running clothes for men tend to be less loud and shouty. The best running pants, as our US cousins would say, will keep you going run after run. Leggings for men AKA ‘Guy leggings’ need to offer the freedom of movement in case you want to wear them in the gym as well as running. My winter running tights are of course Sundried. As we developed them we considered a few extra features, our performance running tights as featured in Runners World have not only been made with leading Sweat Wicking Technology but are Quick Drying and Soft Touch. Thermal running tights do not always offer heat control technology like the Roteck Leggings. See what Triathlon 220 say this month. Maybe the pocket does need to be a bit bigger for gels, but we have taken note! 

The Sundried leggings have 4-way stretch technology for freedom of movement and an excellent, snug fit. We love the elasticated drawstring waist, secured zip pocket and reflective ankles. The special fibres retain shape even after multiple washes & ensure comfort, whislt remaining friendly to the skin. Legs can perspire naturally because of our Moisture Management that maximises heat retention in winter without overheating. Handmade in Portugal, Italian fabrics, low in carbon & ethical production. If you didn’t know Sundried is a British brand, developed by athletes.

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Sundried Roteck Men's Running Leggings Tights

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