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Men's Joggers

by Alexandra Parren

mens jogging bottoms gym trousers

Who said comfort has to be casual? Joggers have become smarter, more fashionable and more versatile than ever. Jogging bottoms for men are traditionally a very casual and relaxed item of clothing. But what if they could be dressed up to be a little more formal while still being super comfortable and practical?

That's where athleisure comes in. Mens gym clothing has started crossing over into our casual wardrobes and blurring the lines between fashion and activewear, and it's not exclusive to women. Gone are the days of baggy sweatpants and grey joggers, this trend has seen jogger pants and even tracksuits becoming part of a man's everyday wardrobe, both for the gym and social events.

Why wear men's jogging bottoms


Men’s joggers are a versatile fashion accessory and due to their increasing popularity they are no longer exclusive to the gym or days spent on the sofa. In fact, these men's trousers have become a staple in the modern man’s wardrobe and can be worn dressed up or down.

Easy to style

Men’s sweatpants and joggers are easy to style for a relaxed look, or can be dressed up with a smart t-shirt and jacket.


The main reason for wearing joggers is their functionality. These bottoms are made to move with you; the skinny joggers style allows for you to train without tripping on loose ends or baggy loose material. Large, secure pockets allow you to easily store your smart phone, wallet, and keys without causing a reduction in movement or comfort.

mens jogging bottoms sweatpants fashion style gym wear


The Sundried Ortler 2.0 slim fit joggers take the comfort of jogging bottoms and combine this with smart style and technical function. All the comfort and flexibility of joggers, but with the added luxury of a smarter, tapered structure allowing you to wear your joggers for more than just your workout.


Whether you’re training in the gym, out socialising or having a chilled out day on the sofa, men’s joggers provide the ultimate comfort - rivalled perhaps only by your pyjamas. Soft materials, a loose fit and elasticated waistband make these a brilliant style choice when comfort is key.



As we now enter the colder, darker months, men's sweatpants and jogging bottoms are the perfect winter warmer to see you through the cooler temperatures.

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