Run with confidence in Sundried’s activewear collection, trialled by triathletes to provide style, comfort and function during your run.

The Breithorn Bra

The Breithorn Bra is perfect for building your running base. The bra features a functional racer design with a mesh back for extra ventilation and to distribute the weight of your chest across your back, as opposed to over your shoulders, leaving them free to move with ease throughout your run and reducing the amount of weight bearing on the shoulders, which can lead to running with an arched back or poor posture.

The Breithorn bra has been ethically produced with Italian technical fabrics which allow your skin to breathe throughout your run, wick moisture and most importantly support your chest to lock down movement.

Wearing a correctly fitting sports bra will help you run better, improving your technique and minimising breast tissue damage.

Sports Bra for Running

The Tour Noir Tank

The Tour Noir tank makes the ultimate running partner for warmer weather, the unique design with a mesh back and ventilation zone allows for maximum skin breathing when you need it most. The soft, sweat wicking fabrics sit comfortably against the skin protecting from friction burn and chafing to support your run.

Sundried Womens Activewear


The Ruinette Tight

The Sundried Ruinette tights are made with technical performance in mind. The tights have many features which make them particularly well equipped for running:

  • A mid-rise waist which is supported by both a smooth elastic waistline and a drawstring which fastens on the outside. The double securing ensures that your leggings don’t fall down during your run and allows for a completely personalised fit.
  • A large but discreet zip up back pocket, we’ve tested the back pocket of our tights and it is large enough to fit an iphone. The zip keeps it secure and provides confidence that your valuables are safe during your run.
  • Reflective trims line the tights, making you more visible during dark nights or early mornings.
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