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Training Through Summer For An Autumn Race

running marathon training

This year is unlike any other as every major marathon in the world has been postponed. If you're used to training over winter for a spring race it can be off-putting to now be training in different conditions. Follow our tips to maximise your training and make sure you're ready for your race when the time comes.

1. Adjust your nutrition and hydration strategy

If you're used to training in cooler weather, you might be used to needing less hydration. However, it's important to re-assess how much fluid you'll need as the weather warms to make sure you stay hydrated and healthy. You'll also need to replenish your electrolytes more as you sweat more, so make sure you take a supplement as well as drinking water.

How To Run Safely And Perform Well In Hot Weather

2. Wear the right running clothing

It may seem like summer running clothing is a simple job of t-shirt and running shorts, but you'll need to make sure what you're wearing is technical and comfortable. Avoid chafing by choosing activewear with sweat wicking capabilities so that any moisture is drawn to the surface of the clothing and can evaporate. The last thing you want is heat rash and being weighed down by wet running clothing.

3. Find the right storage solutions

These days, more and more brands are offering running leggings and long sleeve tops with ample storage and pockets. However, when summer comes around, you won't want to be wearing long sleeve tops or leggings and instead will be opting for the lightweight comfort of shorts and t-shirts or running vests. However, these lighter running clothes offer fewer storage solutions for essentials like keys, phone, and water, so you'll need to find what works with different options. You could try an armband for your phone or a running storage belt. For longer runs, the easiest option is a hydration bag which will often have pockets for nutrition as well as other essentials.

4. Slow your pace

One of the biggest mistakes a lot of runners make over the summer is expecting to maintain their winter pace. When the temperature is hotter, your heart rate will naturally be higher and you won't be able to exert yourself as much. Slow your pace and monitor your heart rate to avoid injury and illness. Instead of trying to maintain a faster speed, pace your run by perceived exertion, which simply means running by feel instead of keeping an eye on your running watch the whole time. 

5. Stay well protected

We often feel like in winter we need more running kit due to the cold weather. We need a hat, gloves, jacket and all sorts of other gear to protect us from the elements, but we forget that the weather in summer can be just as damaging. Make sure you find a water-resistant sun cream that won't rub off once you're sweating, and sunglasses that are comfortable and don't slip down your nose when it is sweaty. It's also advisable to wear a running hat or cap when running in summer to protect your head from the beating sun, and it can also double up as a sweat band to stop your eyes from stinging!

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