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Sajidah Cawthorne Personal Trainer

by Victoria Gardner

Sajidah Cawthorne Personal Trainer

Bikini fitness competitor and PT Sajidah Cawthorne tells Sundried how her clients get results.

Tell us how you came to be a Personal Trainer:

I have been in the leisure industry for 10 years now. My interest grew from a young age where I was involved in sports activities such as gymnastics, athletics, hill walking and swimming. I was always really good at sports and would usually place top 3 in school races and competitions. When I left school I started off as a Lifeguard, then became a swimming teacher and then a Personal Trainer, all whilst studying and taking on intensive courses. My love for sport has not changed as in my spare time I like to train with weights, run, go to pole fitness and aerial hoops/silk classes. I enjoy having a variety of different fitness activities.

Sajidah Cawthorne Personal Trainer

How do you keep your clients motivated?

When it comes to training clients it's good to be professional but great if you can also be their friend, that way they will never leave you and enjoy themselves when they come in for sessions. Progression in training at the right time is also the key.

What kind of training do you do?

As I mentioned I like to train with weights which I like to do at least 3 times a week, I try and do cardio/hiit training alongside. On the other days that's when I like to change up the routine with Pole fitness and aerial activities to keep it fun and challenging.

Do you follow a specific diet plan?

I try to eat 5 healthy meals in day fitting in all my macros, lots of protein, carbs and good fats, trying to fuel my body every 3 hours to stay toned and keep my energy up. On a busy day coffee is a must. I like to treat myself once a week also.

How do you keep up to date with your fitness knowledge?

Taking part in bikini fitness competitions has helped me to gain new knowledge on nutrition and helped me become more strict when I've needed to. I like to give my clients a variety of different exercises so I am constantly watching different workout videos and reading up on new information online. The fitness industry is always changing therefore it's important to stay up to date. You can never know too much.

How do you find balance between your work and social life?

I find it very easy to balance work and a social life, at the end of the day friends and family are the ones who are going to keep you sane. It's not good to become too obsessed with work and what comes with it. Try and see friends/family at least once a week and take time to just chill and find yourself.

What are your top training tips?

Nutrition is the key, follow a good plan and the rest will follow.

Enjoy your workout, if you don't it will only make the task harder so be positive.

Set goals and step out your comfort zone, challenge yourself physically and mentally, the end result will be amazing and prove them all wrong.

If you had to pick a favourite exercise, what would it be?

Back squats are by far my favourite weights exercise, this will work your quads, hamstrings, calves, core and overall posture. You will gain immense strength and a body to die for. Once you feel confident with this exercise, every other exercise will seem easy in comparison. Leg days are my favourite, the pain is worth it.

What are your training aspirations?

I plan to enter more bikini fitness competitions in the future and hopefully win 1 day and go on to qualify internationally. Also I would love to become more advanced with my pole and aerial tricks and maybe enter these competitions in the future. I would also love to run a marathon 1 day, I have run 10k races so I have a lot to build up to.

Why work with Sundried?

I believe in the products that Sundried are selling. It's a community of Personal Trainers working together making the world a fitter and better looking place.
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