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Tips For Dealing With Running Injuries

by Alexandra Parren
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Stretching Recovery Running Injuries

Getting injuries is a very normal part of training and is something most of us will experience at some point throughout our athletic journey. But how you deal with an injury is crucial, so follow these tips get back to health in the best way possible.

Don’t push through the pain.

It can be very easy to get angry at yourself or just the situation when you get injured. It's also very tempting to just push through the pain and try to carry on, but this is the worst thing you can do. Accept the injury and make sure you are back to full health before getting back on the road.

Use your injury as an opportunity to try something new.

So you've been told you can't run for the next 6 weeks while you recover. This doesn't mean you have to stop exercising all together. Try a new sport or training style which doesn't aggravate your injury and you may just find your new favourite exercise!

Keep your diet in check.

While you are not able to train as intensely as usual (or not at all) it is important to keep your diet tight. Make alterations in accordance with the calories you won't be burning, and make sure you're eating nutrient-rich foods which can help to boost your immune system and aid a speedy recovery.

Running up stairs outdoors get fit

Learn from your mistakes.

A lot of the time, injuries are caused by overtraining. However, some times they are caused by something deeper. Try to find the root and cause of the injury so that it doesn't happen again. It can be worth having a gait analysis done so that you can be sure your running style is not causing imbalances and potential injuries, and make sure your trainers are not worn out. 

Don't rush your comeback.

It can be tempting to storm back into training as soon as you think you're fully recovered, but make sure you take your time and ease yourself back in so that you do not relapse. Listen to your body above all else and do not rush into it; it's better to wait until you are definitely fully recovered than rushing into training again and getting injured all over again.

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