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Crush Your Next Leg Workout With These 4 Fat-Torching Exercises

leg day workout strength les press lifting

Leg day is the best day of the week, right? Well, it’s certainly the biggest. Make sure you smash your next leg day workout with these exercises which will optimise muscle gain and torch fat.

Leg Press - Single Leg Into Double Leg

Single leg exercises are the backbone of any good leg workout routine. They help to even out any strength imbalances, force the less dominant leg to work harder instead of letting the dominant leg takeover, and are better for balance.

Place your feet on the leg press platform as you usually would and then place your left leg out to the side. Make sure it’s not somewhere it will interfere with the mechanism or get injured. Use your hand to keep the knee of your working leg pushed out to the side, especially as you push on the leg press. Feel the pressure in your glutes as well as your hamstrings and quads. Do 10 reps on the leg, then the other leg, and then straight into 10 reps on both legs at the same time without changing the weight. This will fatigue the legs and take them to failure, maximising your results.

Single Leg KB Stiff Legged Deadlifts

It’s a mouthful to say, but it’s a killer exercise and will target not only your hamstrings and glutes but also your back, core, and balance.

Holding the kettlebell in your left hand, balance on your right leg. Slowly lean forwards and lift your left leg up behind you as your hand with the kettlebell lowers to the floor (you can touch the kettlebell on the floor but don’t rest it). Squeeze from the glutes so that your leg lifts up high behind you. Hold your core tight as you then pivot back up to standing. Repeat 10 times on each leg, even better if you can repeat the reps without touching your balancing leg onto the floor in between.

Jumping Squats

Plyometric exercises are proven to improve power, speed, and muscle gain. When was the last time you added a plyometric exercise to your strength workout routine? It’s a great way to mix up your training while still maximising results.

Jumping squats are simple: drop into a body weight squat and then jump high into the air at the top. Drop straight back down into your next rep and repeat. Use your arms for momentum and keep the reps fluid. You’ll feel the burn in no time!

Overhead Walking Lunges

What leg day workout routine would be complete without lunges? To make it even sweeter, these bad boys will also target your core, shoulders, and balance. For this exercise, you can use a barbell, dumbbells, or even just a plate. Overhead exercises require a lot of skill and balance so don’t run before you can walk.

Hold the weight above your head and drop into a lunge. Keep your core tight so that your torso is strong and you keep your balance. Push out of the lunge, bring your leg forward, and drop straight into a lunge on the other leg while moving forwards. Continue this for a set distance and then rest.

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