• Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate Supplement Review

    Blonyx is a global sports nutrition brand that aims to deliver high quality sports nutrition products that are enhanced by science. We were sent a sample of their new Egg White Protein Isolate to try, here's our verdict.

    Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate Training Supplement Protein


    Having tried quite a few different protein powder brands in the past, it's safe to say that they can range from absolutely delicious to completely undrinkable. It seems to be a gamble with flavours sometimes and some brands are going out there with all sorts of crazy flavours such as "Rainbow" from Myprotein (what could that possibly taste like!?)

    With this in mind, we were really excited to try the new Blonyx protein supplement as it claims to taste exactly like chocolate milk! You really can't go wrong with chocolate, keeping it simple, and chocolate milk is always a winner. The instructions tell you to mix the powder with water but this made the drink a bit thin and, well, watery. However, it does taste like chocolate milk! In future we would mix this protein powder with milk (either dairy or an alternative like our favourite almond milk) in the hopes that it would taste richer, thicker, and even more delicious.

    All that said, this is a really great tasting protein powder supplement and it went down an absolute treat. We wouldn't think twice about choosing this as our protein powder of choice and it would be well received after a tough training session. 


    As with taste, the texture of a protein powder can make or break it as some can be very grainy, not mix well, or just be completely unpalatable. Thankfully, the Blonyx Egg White protein isolate mixes really well even with water and the texture is perfect – it's not lumpy or grainy and it turns into a great drink.

    The powder itself is really quite fine and you don't need a heavy-duty shaker with filters and metal balls in order to get a good result. Just a quick shake and you're good to go!

    Blonyx Egg White Protein Supplement Training Weight Loss Review


    Once you've got past whether or not you can actually stand to drink the protein supplement, the next most important factor to consider is the nutrition. There's no point ruining all your hard work and progress by drinking a bulky supplement with lots of unnecessary carbs, sugar, chemicals, and not much protein content.

    The Blonyx Egg White protein isolate contains 20g of protein per serving which is a very good amount, although it's pretty average compared to what other protein brands offer. 

    This supplement contains added organic cane sugar, and at 11g per serving this ends up being quite steep. We usually choose protein supplements that have minimal carbs and definitely no sugar. Save that for the cheat days and occasional treats!

    Blonyx Egg White Protein Supplement Review Sundried Nutrition


    Putting the relatively high sugar content aside, we absolutely love this protein powder! It mixes well and tastes fantastic. If you love a glass of chocolate milk just like us, you'll really enjoy this protein supplement. Whether you train a lot or not, many people could benefit from getting more protein into their diets, and so this easy-going supplement could be perfect for you.

    You can buy the Blonyx Egg White Protein Isolate direct from the Blonyx website

    Posted by Alexandra Parren
  • The Honestly Good Smoothie Company Review

    honestly good smoothie company review sundried

    The Honestly Good Smoothie Company was founded by mother and son duo Vikesh and Neeta Kotecha after Vikesh experienced digestive trouble in 2015 and was advised to consume more fruit and vegetables. Falling in love with the energy smoothies brought him, Vikesh soon tired of chopping and preparing ingredients each morning. Mother Neeta stepped in with daily creations for her son and Vikesh realised how accustomed to the luxury he became, and left his job to start The Honestly Good Smoothie Company so others could experience this too.

    Upon placing an order online, customers are treated to a wool-lined temperature controlled box to keep smoothie pouches fresh. The packaging is recyclable or compostable which is in line with Sundried's sustainable and responsible ethos. The company work with award-winning nutritionist Caroline Farrell and head chef Blake Bowden. Founder, Vikesh Kotecha, says “I wanted to do something simple that wasn’t being offered. Honestly good smoothies delivered to your door, no cheap fillers, and no nasty surprises.” Vikesh continues, “We have really exciting plans for the future with a new protein smoothie range launching for the New Year, tasting events across London and charitable donations from each customer purchase.”

    The Honestly Good Smoothie subscription is £27.50 per week for 5 pouches making 10 smoothies. 

    Berry Nice

    • 100g banana
    • 70g strawberry
    • 50g raspberry
    • 40g rhubarb
    • 1tbsp hemp seeds
    • 1tbsp chia seeds

    I really liked this flavour, I had mine with almond milk rather than just dry. It was nutty and full of berries which tasted fresh and tangy. It was very substantial and could definitely replace a meal, although I wouldn't always recommend that. It's not too sweet which I liked and the main positive is the convenience of it.

    The hassle and ensuing mess of making a smoothie can be a nightmare, especially if you're short on time or have kids, plus I've made quite a few horrible ones when just experimenting with ingredients from my cupboard! The fact that this recipe is not only well thought out but created and verified by both a professional chef and nutritionist means I can trust the ingredients and health benefits. Overall, I loved it and would definitely have it again. 

    The Waldorf Cool

    • 100g Granny Smith Apple
    • 100g Cucumber
    • 60g Curly Kale
    • 20g Light Walnut Halves
    • 2tbsp. flax seeds
    • 1tbsp hemp seeds
    • ½ tsp Kelp
    • a pinch of pink Himalayan salt

    The ingredients in this smoothie are pretty interesting (the kelp and Himalayan pink salt are pretty exotic to me) but they all looked super fresh on arrival which was impressive. I also made this one with almond milk but found that the consistency was a little too thick for my preference, I wonder if apple juice might have been better but then it would have potentially been too sweet. Again, the nuts gave a great flavour and texture and the apple and cucumber meant it was super fresh and zingy. 


    I think the concept of this brand is great, and people who have a lot of disposable income and not much time on their hands would benefit greatly. However, those with kids or just those who don't work 60-hour weeks and don't have the money to spend over £100 a month on smoothies might not need ready-prepared ingredients delivered to them, especially as you still have to blend it yourself and therefore wash up afterwards too.

    For some people, the process of making a smoothie is the best part, however others would argue that having the ingredients already weighed out and ready to blitz is a life-saver. With this service, I think it really depends on your lifestyle and personal preferences but I can see why it would be great in the right circumstances. I also think it would be important for customers to receive the nutritional information of the smoothies along with their packages (calories, sugar, protein etc) as this is not currently provided.

    Posted by Alexandra Parren