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Squirrel Sisters Energy Bars Review

by Alexandra Parren
Squirrel Sisters Raw Energy paleo bars

Squirrel Sisters comprises of sisters Gracie and Sophie Tyrrell who are both passionate about health, wellbeing, and nuts! They have developed all their products from scratch in their UK kitchen, with a little help from mum Jean, and I was really excited when they sent me some of their products to try.

Squirrel Sisters products are labelled as 'energy bars' meaning that they are not specifically high in protein, but are made with the highest quality natural and whole ingredients and are vegan, raw, paleo, high-fibre, gluten-free, and sugar-free. This means they are the perfect healthy snack for those who are health conscious, and those who suffer from food intolerances or allergies. The bars are cold-pressed, which means they retain all of the fibre, flavour, and vitamins during the production process.

Squirrel Sisters raw energy bars

Cacao Orange

Each product comes with two 20g bars in a packet. They are beautifully packaged with stunning branding and design which makes them really tempting and attractive. The bars themselves are the perfect size for snacking, either at your desk or to take out on a run or bike ride. The cacao orange flavour is absolutely delicious, with a real taste of chocolate orange running through it and a devilishly dark undertone from the cacao.

Cacao Brownie

The cacao brownie is definitely my favourite flavour of the four on offer by the sisters! It is wonderfully chocolatey and very moreish! I definitely wanted more after I had finished eating it! This flavour is not too sweet thanks to the cacao, but it is by no means bitter which is great.

Coconut Cashew

The coconut cashew flavour is very decadent. It's really quite sweet because of the coconut, so that would make it the perfect solution to a sweet craving. 

Raspberry Ripple

The raspberry ripple flavour is also very sweet, with little hints of pink raspberries running through each bar which makes them very attractive. Again, this bar is very moreish! But the small portion size is perfect as it means you do not end up over-indulging. 


I love the homegrown aspect of this brand and how humble both the girls are. They also run a blog with training tips, fitness ideas, and recipes which is a great backbone to their brand. Everything from the packaging to the bars themselves is so original and you can really tell this brand has been developed with care. The bars are gorgeous and delicious, and in perfect handy snack sizes for on-the-go clean eating. The only point I'd make is that making a high-protein range should definitely be something next on the girls' list. It's a 9 from me!

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