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New Balance 1080v5 Review

by Daniel Puddick
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This fully cushioned trainer from New Balance oozes footwear technology and production. At 307g (10.83 oz) they are fairly light. A standard width pair of shoes, but they are definitely not designed for a forefoot/front foot strike (unlike the more neutrally designed Vazee Pace).

New Balance 1080v5 Review

It is like taking a step backwards switching to heel striking but these trainers are designed to be run this way. And a standard 'jogging' heel-strike is probably the norm when it comes to western running. There is so much going on with these shoes it really is hard to know where to start. So how about the grips underneath. 

What's Under the Bonnet?

New Balance 1080v5 Sole and Grip

A closer look

New Balance 1080v5 Closeup of Grip

Another view of the underside

New Balance 1080v5 Grips

Underneath these trainers look amazing. A galaxy style interwoven hexagonal network. The design process to get this right must have been some feat of engineering and they certainly did not hold back in the process of getting it right. About one inch of heel give these shoes maximum shock absorption allowing you to heel strike mile after mile. Running over stones and even on an uneven patch is like a monster car crushing all around. They certainly deal with it all and unlike some shoes they do not seem to pick up stones adding weight to each step. 

Front On

New Balance 1080v5 Front Photo

The most protected and solid area of these shoes is around the back of the foot. They have gone to town here and there is excellent protection around your heels. The entire upper is light and airy but a plastic mesh helps with the stability. If you are loading your foot with a heel strike this is where the support is needed and your foot is cushioned from below and behind. The laces reach far enough round your foot to really hold everything together meaning your foot does not slip about. 

A view from the side

New Balance 1080v5 Side Photo

 Final Words

There is some serious engineering behind these shoes and as a cushioned pair of trainers go, they are a delight to run in. Breathable, light but with ample protection and shock absorbing sole, especially under your heels these will suit the majority of runners out there. 

So then it comes down to style and if these trainers are your cup of tea you are on to a winner. They are sensibly priced and it is amazing you can buy so much technology for so little. 

New Balance 1080v5 Pair Reviewed

New Balance 1080v5 On

New Balance 1080v5 Review Profile

New Balance 1080v5 Review Photo

New Balance 1080v5 Photographed from On

New Balance Say

The 1080v5 is made for the long run with premium features like nitrogen-infused N2 cushioning that delivers lasting comfort, N2 Burst in the forefoot for exceptional push-off response and Abzorb shock technology. All work together so you can go farther than you did yesterday.
  • 8 mm drop: due to variances created during the development and manufacturing processes, all references to 8 mm drop are approximate
  • Asymmetrical heel counter
  • Blown rubber outsole
  • Breathable air mesh
  • No-sew material application Ortholite® Premium insole provides additional cushioning for arch support and durable comfort. *Ortholite® is a registered trademark of O2 Partners, LLC. All rights reserved
  • Synthetic/mesh upper
  • Asymmetrical heel counter is part of a stability system for lower lateral support at the back of the foot
  • T-Beam& lightweight shank provides rigidity and mid-foot support for a smooth transition from foot strike to lift-off

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