• 10 Father's Day Gifts For Triathletes & Active Dads

    That time of the year is rolling round again and it's time to start thinking about what you're going to buy the man in your life for father's day. If the father in your life is a triathlete, cyclist, runner, or active gym-goer, we have the perfect gifts for him.

    Sundried Father's Day Gift Guide Active Dads Triathletes what to buy

    1. Race Number Belt – £10

    If your budget is fairly small, you can still buy an awesome gift for a triathlete or someone who regularly takes part in races. A race number belt is ideal for triathletes or anyone who does multi-sport races like aquathlon and duathlon. It's something people often don't think to buy for themselves, especially if they are new to the sport. 

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    Sundried race belt
    Sundried race belt triathlon Ironman

    2. Seamless Boxer Shorts –  £10

    Any dad will appreciate a comfortable pair of boxer shorts, but the active dad will especially like the Sundried seamless boxer shorts because they're designed for active people and don't chafe or rub during sports and physical activity. 

    Sundried seamless boxer shorts for men active sports

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    3. Reusable Eco Coffee Cup – £20

    If your dad is a big coffee drinker, he will love an eco-friendly reusable coffee cup that saves him money every time he buys a coffee to go as well as being good for the planet. This coffee cup is anti-spill so he can take it on his commute to work and drink his coffee wherever he goes. Perfect!

    Sundried reusable eco friendly coffee cup

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    4. Skipping Rope – £20

    If the dad in your life likes to keep fit, stay slim and work out regularly, he is sure to love a great quality skipping rope specifically designed for gym workouts. Perhaps he uses a beat up old rope in his garage or has never even thought about skipping for fitness before. This is sure to be an upgrade as the speed rope is designed for tricks like the double-under and facilitates high level skipping. It has grooves to the handles so it's easy to hold and he will be a pro in no time! It even comes with an expert skipping guide which will be ideal if he's never tried skipping before.

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    5. Swim Goggles – £25

    All triathletes and swimmers need a great pair of swim goggles, but it's something people don't focus on when buying new kit. Treat him to a premium pair of swim goggles so he can get that quick upgrade he needs and perform at his best during training and racing.

    Sundried swim goggles triathletes aquathlon swimming

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    6. A Biodegradable T-shirt – £30

    For the more eco-conscious man, a t-shirt which is biodegradable will make the ultimate gift. This fitness top is sweat wicking, quick drying, and super stretchy making it perfect for all types of sports from football and running to cycling, CrossFit and more. It's super soft and comfortable and the classic style means it can be worn as casual wear as well as for active pursuits. 

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    Sundried Eco Tech biodegradable t-shirt for men

    7. Cycling Overshoes – £32

    Cycling overshoes are the type of cycling accessory that often get overlooked but are perfect for cycling in cold weather as well as getting more aerodynamic during races. If your dad is a keen cyclist, he is sure to appreciate an great quality pair of cycling overshoes which will complement his cycling kit and help him really look the part when he's out on his bike.

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    8. A T-shirt Made From Recycled Coffee Grounds – £40

    Something a little different for the coffee lover in your life! If your dad already has everything a coffee lover could ever want, how about a fitness t-shirt that is actually made from recycled coffee grounds? This t-shirt is sweat wicking and fast drying so he won't have to worry about sweat patches, as well as being super flattering and comfortable. He won't want to take it off!

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    Sundried gym top Eco Charge recycled coffee grounds
    Sundried Gym Top Recycled Coffee Grounds

    9. Gym Rings – £40

    If the dad in your life is a bit more adventurous, a set of gym rings will make the perfect Father's Day gift. Training with gym rings may well be something he's never considered before, so this will be a great gift for him. Every purchase comes with a free expert gym rings guide so he can become a pro in no time and show off his new moves!

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    10. A Premium Running Top – £70

    On the higher end of the budget spectrum we have a premium quality running top. Some people can be guilty of never treating themselves or running in the same old tatty t-shirt forever. Treat your dad to a technical, comfortable running top that is versatile and stylish and he can wear with pride not only while running but as casual wear too.

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    Sundried men's running top
    Sundried men's running top fitness activewear
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  • New Age Group Marathon World Record Set by 70 Year-Old

    Gene Dykes marathon age group world record

    Photo courtesy of Mark Grubb

    Veteran runner Gene Dykes from Pennsylvania, USA has set a new world record in the 70-74 age group for the marathon, a record that has stood since 2004 and was thought to be unbreakable. 

    Dykes ran the 26.2 miles in a time of 2:54:23 with an average pace of 6:39 per mile, breaking the previous record of 2:54:48 which was set by Canadian runner Ed Whitlock.

    He spoke to Runner's World immediately after he finished the race in Jacksonville, Florida. “My first thought was that this really frees up my schedule for next year,” he said. He can now sign up for the races he enjoys which are ultra-marathons and hard marathons on courses that aren’t record-eligible, instead of trying to beat the world record.

    One of Dykes' 'super powers' is that he can recover incredibly quickly from races, meaning he can take part in several tough challenges in quick succession. Just two months ago in October he ran the Toronto Marathon in a searing time of 2:55:17. Then, just two weeks ago, he ran the Vista Verde Skyline 50k (31-mile) ultra marathon and then the California International Marathon the very next day. 

    “I’ve often said that my ability to recover is my super power,” he told Runner's World. He also said that he’s been tested twice for banned substances; once in competition after a masters track meet and once, about 18 months ago, testers showed up unannounced to his home.

    In the first half of his record-breaking marathon, Dykes said he felt strong and was already ahead of the world record pace. However, towards the final stretch of the race, he started suffering cramps in his calf muscles. But knowing he had the world record in his grasp, he crossed the line with a smile on his face. It wasn’t because he ran faster than anyone else his age in history, but because he had set a goal and worked at it. The satisfaction, he said, was being “able to do what I set out to do.”


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  • Where Is The Best Place To Run In The UK?

    running beautiful locations best place for runners

    Sundried ran a public opinion poll and are here to showcase the most popular places to run in the UK as voted for by you!

    The Ridgeway

    The Ridgeway is one of many beautiful National Trails in the UK which is maintained by the National Trust. This 87-mile route has been used since pre-historic times and features some incredible scenery as well as ancient relics and stunning secluded valleys. Annual ultra-marathon Race To The Stones follows this iconic trail which explains why it's such a popular event. 

    The Ridgeway is described as 'Britain's oldest road' and starts at the World Heritage Site in Avebury in the North Wessex Downs AONB, home to Europe's largest neolithic stone circle. The trail travels north for 139km and passes through the gentle woodland of the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

    This trail has been used for over 5,000 years and provides runners with unending landscape to explore along with archaeological treasures to discover. The entire western half of this trail follows byways or bridleways that have no stiles or other obstructions so as a runner you can enjoy the freedom of running without having to clamber over obstacles.

    the ridgeway national trail beautiful places to run UK

    The Ridgeway national trail area of natural beauty for runners

    The Lake District

     One of the most popular holiday destinations in the UK, the Lake District is England's largest National Park and also now holds the prestigious title of being a World Heritage Site. The Lake Distric is home to England's highest peak – Scafell Pike – as well as its deepest lake, providing a stunning backdrop for any adventurer. 

    Fell runners have been using the Lake District to test their limits for thousands of years and any runner would be spoilt for choice when it comes to trails and routes to follow. The unspoilt and unadulterated views are your reward while the well maintained paths and trails will take you where you need to go.

    fell running lake district

    running in the Lake District national park England UK

    The Quantocks

    The Quantock Hills in Somerset are perhaps a lesser known Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, but are still a fantastic place to run nonetheless. Described as an area of wilderness and tranquillity, this area features rugged Jurassic coastline, deep wooded combes, and undulating farmland. This area is largely privately owned which is why it is perhaps not as popular as other areas, however it still attracts up to half a million visitors every year. 

    The undulating and sometimes challenging hills will provide any runner with a varied and interesting place to run and even if you're new to the area, you shouldn't get too lost. There is one 7-mile section that follows a ridge which will reward runners with uninterrupted views on both sides that will both inspire and motivate even the most casual of runner. 

    The Quantock Hills running destination

    running in the quantocks

    North Wales

    Undulating hills and expansive coastal paths make North Wales a fun place to run while Snowdonia and Garth Mountain add an element of wilderness and challenge if you're looking for something a little more intense.

    A popular destination for active people, Snowdonia National Park in northwestern Wales is best known for hiking but of course runners will also be rewarded with the breathtaking views and scenery. 

    Snowdonia North Wales running holiday active

    running in Snowdonia North Wales

    Running Outdoors

    Sundried was inspired by the beauty of the outdoors and we in turn are inspired by those who Do It Differently. If you're going to try your hand at running in one of these beautiful but rugged areas, we recommend you take a look at our range of activewear which will support your sport and compliment the trail runner in you.

    Men's Activewear

    Women's Activewear

    If barefoot running is your thing, we have barefoot running shoes for both men and women which are super flexible and comfortable so that you can run in style for mile after mile. 

    Barefoot running trail ultra marathon

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  • Training Update From Ali Trauttmansdorff Athlete Ambassador

    Ali Trautmansdorff Athlete Ambassador Running Race

    This winter was dedicated to swim training and running cross country. In fact I ran so much cross country, my senior school PE teacher Mrs Mantell would have laughed her head off if she had still been with us. I used to hate cross country at school - always got a stitch... I thus dedicate my season to her.

    Here my schedule!

    • Essex XC Relays - Ladies 3rd Team
    • Couple of South Essex XC League races with my old club
    • 5 mile Winter XC Handicap - 1st Lady
    • Chingford League @ HQ - 5th Lady
    • Chingford League at Hog Hill (in the pitch black!!)
    • Essex XC League 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 - Bronze V45!
    • Ranelagh Mob Match which was run for the 90th time!
    • Essex Vet XC Champs - 5th
    • Chingford League at Ally Pally on my birthday - flaming steep hill!!!
    • Olympic Park 10k with PB
    • Essex Senior Champs - Bronze Women's Team!
    • The Mercury (10 miles) - 6th Lady
    • Southern XC Champs at Parliament Hill - enormous race!
    • Blackheath Mob Match - Orion won!! - tough run...
    • Chingford League Relays - Ladies team won!
    • Cambridge Half
    • Brentwood Half - new PB of 1.38
    • Essex 5 mile road championship - Women's Team Gold and V45 Gold!
    • St. Clare's Hospice 10k - 2nd overall

    So a lot of running. Managed to win the Women's Division 2 at my running club and promotion to Division 1, which is the candy for all that effort! The other big project was some swim training with Cedric Lassonde (French Ironman) x6 in order to sort my swimming stroke out. Definitely seems more efficient. Let's see what it is like in the open water in a few weeks! I have also joined a new club that is nearer to me, so I can actually get to some club training, namely East London Triathletes. A very friendly club of like-minded people. I get to swim on Tuesday evenings at 20.00 which works much better for me and I enjoy the challenge of swimming with others, trying to lead the lane as much as I can. The trainers are from Swim4Tri so we are getting great coaching. Just need to try and get a new trisuit to represent them in the upcoming season!

    Racing this much is hard on the body. I have had to work really hard at my muscles during strength training. Wonking glute meds have plagued me a bit, but I have come out the other side with some great rewards. Time in the gym is critical, folks, and you have to keep working at it. Rock on 2017 season!

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  • Councils To Be Banned From Charging For Parkrun

    Parkrun Running Park Local Community Get Fit Outdoors

    Parkrun is an increasingly popular weekly event wherein hundreds of runners will descend on their local park to run a timed 5k with other local residents.

    Parkrun organises 850 runs in 12 countries and its ethos is for the event to be free and open to everyone. The UK is currently experiencing an epidemic of inactivity, with government figures showing the cost of physical inactivity to the UK taxpayer as £7.4 billion a year, with 48% of women and 37% of men failing to achieve the UK Chief Medical Officer's' recommended 150 minutes of physical activity per week.

    However, Stoke Gifford Parish Council said it was "unfair" to expect non-running residents to pay for path maintenance and have suggested the runners pay for their park usage. The parish council said in a statement it: "cannot and will not stop people from using the parks for exercise and running but when it comes to an organisation with paid directors, fundraisers and sponsors it would be unfair to expect the residents to pay."

    Within hours of the news being released, the parish council faced oppression from celebrities such as world record holder Paula Radcliffe, double gold medalist Kelly Holmes, former tennis star and television presenter Sue Barker, the sports minister and the mayor of Bristol, as well as tens of thousands of the general public.

    Despite the outrage, the parish council stood by its statement, suggesting that Parkrun has become a victim of its own success. The chairman of the parish council, Ernest Brown, conceded it was not possible to evaluate the cost of the runners’ impact on the park, but said: “Three hundred feet pounding the paths every Saturday morning does cause extra wear.”

    "The parish council has only recently paid out £55,000 from public funds for resurfacing the car park and with the additional 300-plus runners per week, will shortly need to replace/repair the path at an estimated cost of £60,000, so as Parkrun are significant users of the path on a regular basis they should contribute towards the upkeep," they said.

    Tom Williams, Chief Operating Officer for Parkrun, said: “Parkrun has successfully moved nearly 60,000 previously inactive people into regular healthy activity. The key to this success has been a focus on removing barriers to event delivery as much as barriers to participation."

    In their latest statement Parkrun claim: “Following on from last night’s decision by Stoke Gifford Parish Council to impose a charge at Little Stoke Parkrun, we intend to appeal the decision and are investigating whether there is a legal basis to do so.”

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