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Garmin Introduces Vivofit 3 Featuring Move IQ Automatic Activity Detection

by Alexandra Parren
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Garmin Vivofit 3 Activity Detection Weables Fitness TrackerGarmin has announced Vivofit 3, a daily activity tracker with one-year battery life and Garmin Move IQ. Building on the company’s popular activity tracker, the Vivofit 3 adds new features, including Move IQ auto activity detection and intensity minutes. Capturing activities such as walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training, the Vivofit 3 keeps up with users throughout the entire day. Designed for 24/7 wearability, it is water resistant to 50 meters, has one-year battery life and can be personalised with an array of colourful interchangeable accessory bands.

“Once again our Vivofit has set itself apart from the pack as a leader in helping users develop lifelong healthy habits with its latest edition, the Vivofit 3,” said Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of worldwide sales.

Move IQ is a new feature that continuously monitors for periods of sustained activity, automatically recognising walking, running, biking, swimming and elliptical training. By accessing Garmin Connect, a free online fitness community that the Vivofit 3 automatically syncs to throughout the day, users will be able to analyze a complete picture of daily activities in a convenient timeline view. You can also track sleep patterns and trends, join online challenges to compete against friends and earn virtual badges.

Garmin Connect gets to know users and delivers meaningful insights based on their data to help them reach health and wellness goals. Smart wellness insights provide cues to help users reach personalized daily goals set by Vivofit 3 based on their current activity levels, shout-outs when milestones have been met and relevant healthy tips from experts. Insights also show users how they are doing in comparison to people like them for extra motivation.

The watch has a backlit display that shows steps, calories, distance, intensity minutes, time of day and a move bar with audible alert reminder for when you have been inactive too long. Read about the dangers of being inactive

A couple minutes of activity will reset the move bar, keeping users motivated to stay continuously active during their day which can help counter the health risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle. With a water resistant replaceable battery that lasts up to one year, this one's set to sit on your wrist for good!

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