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Trousers for Personal Trainers

by Alexandra Parren

Personal Trainer Trousers

Sundried is a homegrown British brand which is run by athletes and personal trainers who expect a lot from our activewear. When developing the Sundried Ortler Trousers we considered everything that we as personal trainers would want and expect from active trousers.

Top Features of the Sundried Ortler Trousers

Pockets..... oh, and pockets with zips

The Sundried Ortler Trousers have two zipped pockets on each thigh and easy access hand pockets. Ideal for your keys, mobile, and other things you do not want to leave and forget about in a corner of the gym. 


"I'm crouching down with my clients. I need to squat. I need trousers that can flex."

The Sundried Ortler Trousers have full flex enabling the deepest of squats so that you can move around with your clients without being inhibited. 


"When I leave the gym I want to look professional. I may be attending a meeting with the gym or attending a fitness event. Or just going for coffee."

The Ortler trousers are smart enough for most day jobs. If you work in media, advertising, or you are a full-time personal trainer these trousers will take you from the gym to a meeting and back again seamlessly. 


"I need trousers that will perform...."

We have tested the Sundried Ortler Trousers while cycling, running, stretching, in group classes, and doing general gym training. They are comfortable during any sport and provide premium technical features such as sweat-wicking capabilities and superior stretch.

All day active

"I wear my gym gear all day. I may get on my bike or run between clients. I need my trousers to perform but also be really comfortable to wear...."

We have designed the Sundried Ortler Trousers for all day comfort. They may well be the most comfortable pair of trousers you ever own!

Sundried products are hand-made in Portugal. Low in carbon. We promote wellness in all aspects of the supply chain. And with all purchases we pledge a donation to our charity partner. So you can feel good about buying them and feel great wearing them. 

Sundried Ortler Trousers

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