• Trousers for Personal Trainers

    Personal Trainer Trousers

    Sundried is a homegrown British brand which is run by athletes and personal trainers who expect a lot from our activewear. When developing the Sundried Ortler Trousers we considered everything that we as personal trainers would want and expect from active trousers.

    Top Features of the Sundried Ortler Trousers

    Pockets..... oh, and pockets with zips

    The Sundried Ortler Trousers have two zipped pockets on each thigh and easy access hand pockets. Ideal for your keys, mobile, and other things you do not want to leave and forget about in a corner of the gym. 


    "I'm crouching down with my clients. I need to squat. I need trousers that can flex."

    The Sundried Ortler Trousers have full flex enabling the deepest of squats so that you can move around with your clients without being inhibited. 


    "When I leave the gym I want to look professional. I may be attending a meeting with the gym or attending a fitness event. Or just going for coffee."

    The Ortler trousers are smart enough for most day jobs. If you work in media, advertising, or you are a full-time personal trainer these trousers will take you from the gym to a meeting and back again seamlessly. 


    "I need trousers that will perform...."

    We have tested the Sundried Ortler Trousers while cycling, running, stretching, in group classes, and doing general gym training. They are comfortable during any sport and provide premium technical features such as sweat-wicking capabilities and superior stretch.

    All day active

    "I wear my gym gear all day. I may get on my bike or run between clients. I need my trousers to perform but also be really comfortable to wear...."

    We have designed the Sundried Ortler Trousers for all day comfort. They may well be the most comfortable pair of trousers you ever own!

    Sundried products are hand-made in Portugal. Low in carbon. We promote wellness in all aspects of the supply chain. And with all purchases we pledge a donation to our charity partner. So you can feel good about buying them and feel great wearing them. 

    Sundried Ortler Trousers

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  • Mens Running Clothes

    Mens running clothes winter training leggings shorts joggers

    It can be tough to find good new men's running clothes brands when you're on the hunt for new running clothes. Our handy guide will help you know what to look for in mens running clothes.

    Running trainers

    Working from the bottom up, a good pair of running trainers is crucial for a good run. The way you train and your running goals are important to consider when looking for a new pair of running trainers. Do you want more of a barefoot style or do you need sturdy trail running shoes? Look at your running style and location first before you start searching for a new pair of men's running trainers. It's also important to consider your goals; a very lightweight pair of running trainers like the Topo Men's Speed Trainer will help you to achieve the goal of a speedy new 5k PB, but a more robust pair with waterproof features will help you during a longer, more demanding run.

    Running shorts

    The next thing to consider in our run down of men's running clothes is running shorts. The Sundried Furgler Shorts are designed with you in mind. These relaxed jogger shorts are super comfortable and won't inhibit your running style. They are very much like gym shorts in that they feature a longer length for enhanced coverage and zip pockets to keep your valuables safe while you run. You want your sports shorts to complement your training, and you can always wear running tights underneath for extra protection during the colder months. 

    Running tights

    You want your running tights to keep up with you while you train hard and get results. The worst things are when your leggings slip down or ride up while you're trying to run. Look for running pants with a personalised, adjustable waistband like the Sundried Roteck Leggings which have a double drawstring so that you can tie them as tightly or as loosely as you find comfortable. You also want to decide if you just want your leggings to run in on their own, or to act as a base layer under a pair of shorts. The Sundried Roteck 2.0 Tights are compression-style and are perfect for adding coverage and protection in winter.

    Running tops

    Finally, we come to running tops. There are plenty of styles to choose from such as sleeveless, t-shirt, tank etc. Think about which style you find the most comfortable and go for that. A long-sleeve top can be perfect for colder weather and provide compression to your workout. 

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  • 10 Must Have Gym Wear Items

    10 Must Have Gym Wear Items Sundried Activewear

    Whether you're just updating your gym wardrobe or are in need of new sportswear, Sundried give you our top 10 activewear pieces from sports bras to mens leggings.

    1. Sports Bra

    Sundried Sport Bra

    A sports bra is an absolute must have for any type of workout. The racerback design of a sports bra prevents the straps slipping down while you move, while the supportive cups keep your chest in place and prevent any pain or discomfort. The Sundried Breithorn Bra is designed to lock down movement and reduce the impact on the shoulders by redistributing the weight across your back. The mesh racer back is great for keeping you cool when you build up a sweat and it looks great too!

    2. Technical T-Shirt

    Sweat Wicking T Shirt

    You may think that any old t-shirt will do for a gym workout, but you want to make sure that the top you wear has special technical qualities to keep you comfortable while you move. Sweat-wicking materials draw moisture away from the body so that you stay drier and more comfortable during a tough session. A special technical gym top won't lose its shape as you move and will prevent chafing. The Sundried Dom Tee is our most popular technical gym top with advanced sweat-wicking technology and a flattering performance fit.

    3. Gym Leggings

    Women's Running Tights

    Finding the right pair of gym leggings is crucial for a comfortable workout. If you're constantly having the pull them up you won't be able to focus on your performance so you'll want to find ones with an adjustable waistband. The Sundried Ruinette Tights are designed with plenty of little extras like a personalised fit and double tie waistband, as well as sweat-wicking, adaptable materials. They also feature stylish reflective strips so that you stand out at night if running on the road.

    4. Training Socks

    The right socks might not always be top of your list when it comes to activewear, but they are important. Blisters can really set your training back and long training sessions are very dependant upon your feet being comfortable. Sports-specific training socks should be sweat-wicking with extra padding or protection in areas prone to blisters. The Sundried sports socks sit slightly higher up the ankle to protect the heel and prevent rubbing. They are anti-blister with their super soft, comfortable fabric and padded toe and heel areas.

    5. Super Comfy Trainers

    Topo Trainers

    Finding the perfect pair of trainers can be tough as it’s a very individualised task. What works for one person may not work for another. Consider whether you'll be running on the road or on trails as there are specially tailored trainers specifically for your sport. Also consider whether you want a super lightweight pair of speed trainers, or if you'll need a more cushioned pair for longer runs. You can read our reviews of some of our favourite trainers here.

    6. Weather Resistant Jacket

    We all know the feeling of getting up to do a run or a workout and being put off by bad weather. Having a comfortable, technical waterproof jacket will mean there are no more excuses to skip your outdoor training session no matter what the season. A good weather resistant jacket will keep the elements off you without turning you into a sweat box underneath.  

    7. Fitness Tracker

    Fitness Tracker

    Using a fitness tracker will help you achieve your goals with real statistics and useful information. By tracking your heart rate during a workout you can see if you are working hard enough and will be rewarded with calories burned at the end. Having an accurate measurement will aid in reaching your goals and can be something positive to focus on.

    8. Gym Bag

    Sundried Gym Bag

    With all your new gym gear you're going to need somewhere to put it! Regular bags may pick up a smell, but a gym bag is designed to be odour-resistant. We recommend you pack up your gym bag the night before, that way when it comes time to workout, you’re ready and raring to go and have no excuses to put it off. Keep your pre-gym routine as simple as possible to avoid allowing yourself the opportunity to find an excuse to not bother.

    9. Water Bottle

    Sundried Water Bottle

    When you're training at intensity, you lose a lot of water, so it’s essential to keep yourself hydrated. Grabbing yourself a reusable bottle prevents wasting used plastic bottles and helps minimise the load in our landfills waiting to decompose, not only that but plastic bottles contain harmful substances so you'll want one which is BPA-free like the Sundried water bottle.

    10. Towel

    Last but definitely not least is a gym towel. Having sweat dripping off your face during a tough workout might make you look like you're working hard, but it can be very irritating and uncomfortable. Make sure you have an appropriately-sized gym-specific towel that you can keep in your bag and also use to wipe down machines and benches once you've used them.

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  • Gym Trousers for Daywear

    Do you dart from work to active? Train on a daily basis? Cycle to the Office?

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were a pair of trousers you could wear which were smart enough to wear to the office, with technical features to support your active lifestyle?

    Sweatpants whilst comfy, just aren't going to cut it as office-smart and there’s no need to distract your colleagues during your next board meeting with skin tight technical leggings.

    Gym Trousers for Daywear

    Whilst it will never be acceptable to wear joggers to work (even on a dress down Friday), Sundried realise that the demand for activewear which is smart enough for the all day active, is not exclusive to women.

    The Sundried Ortler trousers feature smart tailoring with technical fabrics and innovative design to ensure you’re prepared for everything your day has to offer.

    Wearing your gym wear outside the gym has become an A-list trend, with female celebrities such as Stella Mccartney, Kate Hudson, Carrie Underwood, Rita Ora and even Beyonce endorsing their own activewear brands, but when it comes to the male equivalent, unless you’re willing to dress like a rapper, the options are far more sparse.

    Sundried created the Ortler trouser with the all day active in mind, for those who balance being both style and health conscious, whilst working full time jobs.

    The trousers feature smart tailoring with a low waist and tapered fit that provides freedom of movement and comfort, for both work and exercising.

    The reflective trim lining the ankle of the trousers is subtle, yet provides extra visibility for those early morning and late night commutes, adding an edge of sports luxe style.

    The waistband features a hidden drawstring which can be adjusted for a personalised fit, enabling a looser more comfortable fit for downtime or during office hours, with the added security of being that extra bit tighter for running, cycling and training.

    The blend of quality Italian fabrics used in the construction of the Ortler trouser provide comfort, endurance and technical function.

    Are you All Day Active?

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  • Gym Trousers

    Gym Trousers

    Picking the right gym trousers is almost as important as picking the right workout. Your gym trousers need to be able to perform as well as you do.

    Factors to consider when buying gym trousers:

    1. Are my trousers activity appropriate? Picking the right gym trousers based on your activity can help you to perform better during your workout, for example cycling trousers feature padding to the crotch which can make long rides far more comfortable, but would completely ruin your form, as well as be very uncomfortable during a gym session. Our Roteck Leggings design makes them perfect for running, with a tighter waist, secured with both a drawstring and elastic to ensure they stay put whilst you run and also a pocket in the back to store a phone and keys.
    2. Are my gym trousers comfortable? Thick seams, restrictive and tight leggings can cause issues during your workout, making you self conscious and uncomfortable. Try your gym trousers on before you buy them to ensure they are comfortable and if you're buying online opt for clothing with flatlock seams and 4 way stretch materials for maximum comfort, such as those in the Sundried collection.
    3. Will I be visable in my gym trousers? If you're training outdoors, or near a road, being visible is crucial for your own safety and the safety of those around you. Ensure you opt for gym trousers with reflective strips. Your clothing should keep you easily visible to road users.
    4. Is this the right material? Whilst sweatpants may feel like the most comfortable option to start with, cotton works like a sweat sponge. When laden with sweat cotton becomes heavy and takes some time to dry out, leaving you hot and uncomfortable. Technical fabrics wick the sweat away from your skin, keeping you cool and dry in the summer and warm in the winter.
    5. Have I ordered the right fit? Different brands may have slight variations in their size guides, so it’s best to view the individual company's size guide before placing an order, know your measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

    Gym Trousers Fashion

    Nowadays, it’s not just in the gym where we’re spotting gym trousers, from sweatpants in the city to gym leggings in the office. Why? With fashion, it’s hard to tell why some things trend over others, but with mens gym trousers, we can see why the trends caught on. They look good, they feel good to wear and they’ll perform in the gym.The practicality of wearing a trouser which has technical features makes them incredibly appealing. A man in gym trousers also makes a statement about himself, suggesting he trains in the gym alludes to someone who takes care of himself, who cares about their physique, their health, what they look like. Wearing gym clothes outside of the gym suggests you want people to know you train.

    Gym trouser guide:

    Despite them being on trend, you can till commit gym trouser fashion faux pars, here are some common gym trouser mistakes

    1. Drop Crotch. A dropped crotch is great for the laidback hippie look, but nothing about your training should be laidback, unless perhaps it’s yoga. Loose fitting bottoms with a drop crotch can restrict your range of motion, holding back your performance.
    2. Jeans. I hate to state the obvious here, but it does still happen. I’ve been mystified by many a gym goer in jeans. Not only are jeans thick enough to get you sweating in seconds, their thick material means they are prone to chafing. Chafing isn’t pretty. Jeans also completely restrict your range of motion and are likely to smell. If you're looking for a multi-functional trouser which can be worn for day wear as well as during your workouts, take a look at the Ortler Trouser, smart but technical for the all day active.
    3. Budgie smugglers. Some things should be left to the imagination. As much as we believe it’s you vs you with your training. Remember there are other people present.
    4. The gym trousers which leave a puddle. If you’re working hard, you’re going to sweat. That’s fine. But don’t leave a sweaty bench for the next person, the right gym trousers should wick sweat to eliminate this issue in the first place, but if your gym trousers do leave a sweat patch, grab a towel, please.
    5. Baggy Trousers. Baggy bottoms can easily catch on resistance machines or even trip you up if they’re a little on the long side. Avoid injuries and avoid baggy bottoms.

    Mens Running Trousers

    Gym Trousers for Winter

    During winter training you need to find gym trousers which are able to keep you warm even in freezing conditions. Thick climate controlled activewear is vital for surviving the winter months and regulating your body temperature. There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad activewear.

    Who made your gym clothes?

    Do you know who made you gym trousers? We’re asking you to question the ethics behind your activewear. Could you name where your gym trousers were made?

    The fashion industry is the 2nd largest pollutant in the world after oil, but still we sit back and fail to ask our favourite brands simple questions like 'Where is your product made?', 'Why is this so cheap?' and 'What are your environmental policies?'.

    Sundried ask you to #questiontheethics. Our gym trousers are produced with complete transparency throughout the production process. Read about our ethical production here.

    Mens Leggings Gym

    Men who wear leggings in the gym are more likely to be focused on their training. Why? They dress to perform. Not only do these gym leggings have technical fabrics to enhance their performance, the tight fitting nature allows the wearer - or their personal trainer to fully analyse their form without baggy material disguising what could potentially cause an injury. Gym Leggings can be worn for almost every fitness activity, the direct skin to tight contact means no excess fabric getting in the way, and the compact fit helps keep everything snug.

    So it’s time to unleash your inner superhero and squeeze into some leggings for your next training session … or to take on the world.

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