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Wearing a vest at the gym can give great freedom of movement as well as show off your hard work. But what are the dos and don'ts of wearing a gym vest for men? We take a look.

Gym vests for bodybuilding

The jury's out on whether wearing a stringer vest to the gym is acceptable. When it comes to men's gym clothing, you should try to keep it simple. A smart gym t-shirt or gym vest wll have you looking the part and will help to boost your confidence when you step into the gym. Whether you’re a newbie to the gym or a regular member, your workout clothes should be respectful of the other gym goers and a stringer vest can be perceived to be overly revealing or self-aggrandizing.

Mens summer vests

We all love summer's "sun's out, guns out" mentality, but if you lack confidence in your body, wearing a vest might be something you want to avoid. You don't need huge arms in order to wear a gym vest, and in the summer it's especially acceptable to forget the sleeves and enjoy the comfort of a men's vest. Most mens vest tops have thicker shoulders, rather than thin ‘spaghetti’ straps, and the best mens gym tops will be body-enhancing to give you the confidence you need. Look out for detailing and designs which could potentially improve your physique and sculpt your body like Sundried’s Dom 2.0 tank top.

Men’s gym vests

Your gym clothes need to perform well and be comfortable while you train. Sweat-wicking properties will leave your skin dry and prevent chafing, while 4-way stretch materials will give you the ultimate freedom of movement to perform any task needed to succeed in your training. Gym vests for men come in lots of different styles, and it will be a case of trial and error in finding what works best for you. Men's gym clothes can vary greatly from brand to brand, so make sure yours are of a high quality and feature premium, luxury materials.