12-week Duathlon Training Plan Triathlon Training

I have now started my 12-week training plan for the Bowood House Duathlon which I will be doing in October. Between now and the event, I have also signed up for a 10k which is in August and a half marathon which is in September, so I've got plenty to keep me ticking over! I find that having goals and events to train for keeps me motivated. 

The training plan features lots of brick workouts, which is when you go from one sport to another, i.e. run then bike. This gets your body used to multisport training so that when you get to the event there are no surprises!

12-week duathlon free training plan beginner advanced run bike

It's a fairly simple training plan but with events like this it's just important to get the miles in to get your body accustomed to the effort. I think my biggest challenge will be the long rides. I really struggle cycling on the roads as motorists in the local area and not friendly towards cyclists and there are lots of hazards meaning it's difficult to get up to any kind of speed. 

The video below was recorded by Sundried's Dan who shows the sort of hazards I mean. The video shows the places where I cycle and why I struggle so much!

However, I'm hoping that after a few longer training rides it will become easier as I get more used to it. I also have the London To Southend Bike Ride this weekend which is 50 miles so that will be a really good test of where I'm at with my cycling! I'll keep you posted!

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