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Doughlicious Lite Bites Edible Cookie Dough Review

by Alexandra Parren

Doughlicious is an independent gourmet cookie dough brand founded by Kathryn Bricken. Kathryn moved to the UK from America and brought her passion for delicious, home-style soft cookies with her. Their newest offering is organic ready-to-eat 'Lite Bites': a range of cookie dough bites in grab-and-go bags designed to satisfy your cookie cravings anytime, anywhere. We had the pleasure of reviewing them and giving our verdict.



Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Lite Bites Edible Cookie Dough

Slightly softer than I expected but absolutely delicious and super moreish. Not too sweet but definitely sweet enough. Unusual texture (not in a bad way), can definitely tell it's made with oat flour as opposed to wheat flour. The chocolate chips are the perfect balance of bitter and sweet with a lovely crunchy texture without breaking my teeth. Can tell the ingredients are of a very high quality. It's not ruined by the fact it's vegan or gluten free - usually I avoid these options as I find it compromises on flavour and texture. But that's not the case here. I wouldn't have known it was vegan/gluten free if I hadn't been told. 

Doughlicious Lite Bites Edible Cookie Dough Review

Chocolate Peanut

Doughlicious Lite Bites Chocolate Cookie Dough

Very reminiscent of protein balls but slightly better. Not as good as the chocolate chip flavour. The cocoa makes it quite bitter. Love the chopped peanut coating. Didn't really feel like eating cookie dough, more like eating a protein ball.

edible cookie dough review Doughlicious Gourmet Cookie Dough Sundried

Coco Delight

Lemon Raspberry

Apple Crumble

Carrot Cake

Orange Chocolate

Nutritional Credentials

Gluten free



High in fibre

Source of protein

100% natural ingredients

52% lower sugar than comparable cookie dough brands

Made in the UK

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