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The Benefits of Power Training

Deni Kirkova Jumping

Resistance training is hugely beneficial to the body, helping to not only sculpt your figure but also strengthen your bones. You should incorporate it into your lifestyle in the following stages.

1. Endurance Exercises

The safest and most sensible way to introduce resistance training into your fitness regime is with endurance exercises. These involve lifting weights and performing more reps, focussing mainly on perfecting your posture and form.

2. Strength Training Exercises

Strength training is the next stage and involves lifting heavier weights and performing fewer reps. The strength training phase helps to build strength in the body.

3. Power Training

Finally, you can move into power training after an estimate of 12 weeks perfecting the preceding two training principles.

Power training is a lot of fun and pushes the body to its endurance and strength limits combining explosive movements which burn maximum calories and work the cardiovascular system too.

The nature of power training is high-intensity plyometric moves executed with ‘bouncing off the walls’ energy and precise form.

You need to prepare your body for power training with progressive exercises as outlined above.

When you’re ready, try these four great power exercises. Make sure you stretch beforehand!

Jump squats

Jump squats are excellent for building explosive power while toning your bum and conditioning the joints of the lower body. They’re also great for increasing the height of your vertical jump.

Jump Squats

Jump Squat Sundried

Tuck jumps

This simple movement works all the major muscle groups in the body and helps build strength in the legs and core. For perfect form make sure you’re tucking your tail bone in so your spine is super straight and lift your knees towards your chest.

Tuck Jump

Rockstar jumps

Try this move for a cardio blast which will challenge your flexibility too. You should be kicking your heels back towards your bottom, and making sure to land with soft knees to protect your joints.

Rockstar Jump


Side skaters build strength and agility. They may look graceful and simple enough but they can be seriously challenging and especially toning of the glutes, hamstrings, quads and core.


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