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Guide To Using Gym Rings

by Alexandra Parren
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There are many unique benefits of using gym rings in your training. You will get stronger in ranges of motion that you would otherwise struggle to improve with body weight or even weighted exercises. You will increase not only your strength but your mobility too which is a key part of being fit and healthy.

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Gym rings can be used to increase skills and strength in gymnastics, CrossFit, athletics, and even Olympic disciplines. Hang your gym rings at home, outside, or at the gym.

Sundried gym rings guide

Setting Up Your Sundried Gym Rings – Buckle Guide

The Sundried Wooden Gym Rings are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. You can set them up at the gym or at home, or on an outdoor rig if you have one. Make sure you have enough head height if you are setting up indoors and that your rig or holds are strong enough to hold your weight.

Your gym rings will arrive in the box separately from the straps and will need to be set up using a cam buckle. Follow these steps to set up your gym rings no matter where you will be using them. The rings, straps, and buckle are all included in the Sundried box.

1. Thread the strap through the gymnastic ring and then take one end in each hand. 

2. Press and hold the cam buckle button.

Sundried gym rings buckle guide

3. With the button pressed in one hand, use the other hand to thread the end of the strap through the backside of the cam buckle.

Sundried gym rings buckle guide

4. Once through the teeth, you can release the cam buckle button and continue pulling the end through until your ring is at the desired height.

Sundried gym rings buckle guide

5. When you want to take down your rings or adjust them to a longer length, simply press the cam buckle button and pull the strap back out to the desired length.

Sundried gym rings buckle guide

Using Your Sundried Gym Rings

Once you have made sure that your gym rings are properly fitted, familiarise yourself with how to handle the rings. Spend some time finding the right grip and position and start with only one or two repetitions for each exercise. Treat your first few sessions as a practice rather than a workout.

Before each session, make sure to warm up thoroughly to prevent injury and so that you can get the most out of your workout. Start your warm up by gently shaking your entire body: with bent legs, bounce up and down and relax your shoulders. Do this for around 30 seconds.

Next, to open up the hips, perform hip circles. With your feet wider than your hips, rotate your hips in a clockwise motion. Repeat this 5 times and then do the same in an anti-clockwise direction.

Finally, to stretch the back and hamstrings, perform a forward fold. Slowly lean forward until you are bent in half. Reach your arms down in front of you and let your hands hang freely. Feel the stretch in the back of your legs and spine. Now you’re ready to begin your first rings session!

Beginner Gym Rings Exercises

Below are three beginner’s poses and exercises with rings that you can practise to get comfortable with this equipment before moving onto more complicated moves. These moves can be progressed so that you become comfortable doing CrossFit ring exercises and more advanced gymnastics moves.

  • Top Position

This is the basic position in which you will hold yourself in the rings. Push down through your hands and hold your bodyweight on the rings. Stay upright, lock out your arms, pull your shoulders down, and don’t bend at the hips. You will start a lot of moves from this position so make sure you are comfortable with it and can hold it for a period of time.

  • Assisted Push Up

Lengthen the ropes so that the rings are a few inches above the ground. With your knees on the floor, press your hands into the rings. Slowly lower your upper body into a press up position and then push through your hands to rise back up. Keep the rings under your shoulders at all times and the elbows in tight.

  • Plank Hold

The plank hold is a classic position in any discipline. Renowned for helping to strengthen the core, other benefits include shoulder stability and strengthening the back. Starting in the same position as the assisted push up, straighten your legs out behind you so that you are in a plank position. Take your time! You may wobble or shake, this is perfectly normal. Keep your shoulders, core, and back as tight as possible to minimise movement. Push your forearms against the rings and don’t allow your lower body to drop. Hold for as long as you can.

Why not try our Gym Rings Workout once you have mastered the basics?

We hope you enjoy using and progressing with your new Sundried gym rings! Why not drop us a comment or a review on the Sundried gym rings product page?

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