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Q&A With Dancer Lucie Palfreyman

by Alexandra Parren
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Lucie Palfreyman Sundried

Lucie Palfreyman uses fitness to further her career. As a professional dancer, it is essential she exercises regularly, focusing on flexibility and endurance. When choreography gets intense, Lucie tells Sundried how her training complements her sport. 

How do you use dance to keep fit?

Whilst rehearsing and dancing in shows I keep fit just through the intense choreography and usually long rehearsal days. Between dance contracts I maintain my fitness through attending advanced dance classes and also doing my own workouts.

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Do you do any other training outside of dance?

Outside of dance, I enjoy jogging outdoors and practising my Pilates at home. I also love to attend Bikram Hot Yoga when I can find the time.

What are your fitness goals?

My fitness goals are always to push my own strength and flexibility. I am constantly working on my weaker areas. Every dancer has a stronger/more flexible leg and I am trying to even myself out. Cardio is very important for dancers too as some shows can be very physically demanding.

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Where do you find your training motivation/inspiration?

I have looked up to certain dancers and choreographers since I started my training at The Northern School of Contemporary Dance in 2005. Also, whenever I work on dance contracts with new dancers, I take their strengths and can be very inspired to apply this to my own practice.

How did you find the Sundried activewear?

I was extremely pleased with my Sundried products, the quality of the garments is of a very high standard. I particularly love the women's leggings, they are the most comfortable leggings I have ever trained in! The material is very soft and easy to stretch in and I like the height of the waist. The sports bra is also very comfortable and I have been complimented on it every time I have worn it.

What advice would you give our readers to stay in shape?

My advice would be to maintain a healthy diet alongside exercise and to always drink lots and lots of water! The body is the most important thing we have and it is vital to look after it. Finding exercise that is enjoyable too is very important. Exercise should be fun and not a chore!

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