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5 Reasons To Go On A Winter Fitness Retreat

reasons to go on a winter fitness retreat

When it comes to attending fitness retreats, the list of benefits is endless. Even more so during the winter, when the constant drizzle to blue skies ratio becomes a little hard to handle. Sun-loving Charlie and Nath, co-founders of Equation Training, combined their passions for fitness, the great outdoors and Vitamin D to create Equation Escapes – a strength and conditioning holiday with all the perks of a mini-break, minus the guilt!

Below you’ll discover our top 5 favourite reasons for lacing our trainers, packing our leggings and jumping on a flight to Spain with the Equation Escapes crew.

Relight the motivation fire

As the days become shorter, the weather begins its downhill spiral and the lure of the sofa starts to beckon once more, you may find yourself in need of a little motivation booster. Whether you find it far too easy to hibernate as winter approaches, you’ve had a busy summer and can’t find the energy to keep training or you’re a triathlete in the midst of off-season, sometimes a fitness retreat can be the greatest way of provoking your stoke. At Equation Escapes you’ll be surrounded by like-minded individuals and passionate and highly qualified coaches, all with a shared goal. Group workouts mean you’ll not only push yourself but also have the encouragement of a whole team.

 group fitness retreat

Holiday perks minus the guilt

Over-indulging on holiday leads to return flight blues and naughty hangovers. However, fitness retreats mean you can treat yourself alongside working hard and smashing goals. Equation Escapes is hosted in a luxurious villa at the foot of the Sierra Nevada mountains in Granada, Spain. The villa boasts 2 pools, a sauna, cinema room, outdoor CrossFit gym and incredible views over the mountains.

Aside from planned workouts, fitness retreats give you the opportunity to explore the local area and try out new running and hiking routes. You’ll be treated to 3 delicious meals a day by professional chef, Micheal Mallet, including healthy breakfast bowls and fresh fruit smoothies. The meals are perfectly planned to boost your energy and performance, so no accidental over-indulging. It’s not all healthy healthy healthy though as the team prepare cocktails nightly and you’ll have the opportunity to drink beer and wine if you fancy - it’s not "all work and no play"!

 meal prep healthy food

Super inclusive

Fancy a holiday but no one's free to join? The best part about fitness retreats is you can attend them as a single person, a couple or a group of friends. You’ll be surrounded by interesting and motivated people with whom you’ll have tons in common; everyone is there to have fun, work out and enjoy a bit of winter sunshine. There are no fitness level requirements and all workouts are optional. The room prices also vary, whether you fancy a plush double suite or are happy bunking with a bunch of other lovely people, there’s something for all budgets.

running strength training friends 

Passionate coaches and tailored workouts

Fitness retreats aren’t just for gym bunnies. Each morning begins with yoga by Charlie, a 500-hour trained teacher, which is perfect for warming up your muscles, reducing DOMS, and caring for your mental well-being. Workouts range from the outdoor CrossFit gym to hikes and runs on the mountain trails and even gymnastics.

Retreats are great because not only are the workouts carefully planned by the professional and passionate coaches, but the team will also be constantly on hand to help, answer questions and take your training to the next level.

 yoga stretching

Winter sunshine

Possibly one of the best reasons for hopping on a plane and attending a fitness retreat. Vitamin D is not only good for muscle repair and your immune system, it’s good for your soul! Sun worshipper Charlie knows there’s nothing like blue sky and sunshine to boost your motivation to get outside and sweaty, so autumn in Spain is the perfect place to continue your training routine. Enjoy the pool, shed your layers, get a holiday glow and hold onto the summer a little longer!

 running friends fitness retreat workout

Whether you’re a fitness retreat regular or have yet to try one, we hope our favourite reasons to sign up to one have inspired you! They combine all the great things about training and holidays, and we are already looking forward to the next one.

If you’d like more information about an Equation Escapes fitness retreat, you can get in touch with Charlie on

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