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Fitness Wear For The New Year

by Alexandra Parren
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Fitness wear activewear women's gym clothes fashion

These days, fitness wear serves multiple purposes and is great for more than just wearing to the gym. With stylish designs, advanced technology, and luxury fabrics, women's activewear is no longer only for the athletic. Sundried take a look at the best fitness wear for the new year and how to wear it.

Fitness Wear

Women's fitness clothing is taking the world by storm and there are always new trends hitting the stores. From seamless to laser cut designs, there's something for everyone in every shape and size. 2018 will be the year that fitness and fashion completely merge and everyone will be walking around in their activewear, whether they go to the gym or not. Fitness wear is no longer only for the enviably athletic, as activewear brands like Sundried are creating fashionable gym wear that anyone can wear. 

Fashion gym wear fitness wear

Gym Hoodies

In the winter, having a comfortable hoodie is a great go-to for anyone. When the temperatures drop and it becomes harder and harder to leave the house, a fashionable yet practical hoodie is an absolute must-have. Wearing a technical gym hoodie instead of a lumpy old cotton one has a range of benefits, from the sweat-wicking technology preventing sweat rash to the 4-way stretch materials meaning you can move more freely. 

The Sundried Grand Tournalin gym hoodie is made from luxury Portuguese fabrics which won't chafe and provide incredible thermal qualities without being bulky or heavy. It comes in two stunning colours - purple and turquoise - to really make your outfit pop.

Sundried gym hoodies fitness wear

Technical Tops

Whether you've made a New Year's Resolution or not, we could all do with being more active in our daily lives. If you are wearing fashionable fitness wear on a daily basis, you'll feel more comfortable and perhaps will be more motivated to get moving more often. A great technical top will feature sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool and dry as well as multi-way stretch and temperature control to keep you comfortable all day. The Sundried Tour Noir Tank features a super stylish cut out to the back so that your fashionable statement sports bra or crop top can peek through.

Sports bra crop top Sundried tour noir tank technical top

Ladies Black Leggings

Black leggings are the new Little Black Dress. They go with everything, are unbelievably comfortable, and are super easy to throw on to create an effortlessly stylish outfit for any occasion. By choosing fitness wear for your women's black leggings, you are treating yourself to the benefits that come with it. More stretch, less transparency, and a better fit. The premium materials used the create the Sundried women's black leggings means they won't lose their shape after a few wears or washes and they will flatter your physique by sculpting your bum and cinching your waist. 

Womens black leggings fitness wear activewear for women

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