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We Are Tea Product Review

by Alexandra Parren

We Are Tea Product Review Sundried

We Are Tea is an award-winning, ethical, independent tea company selling bagged and loose leaf tea from West London. Darren Spence started We Are Tea when on holiday in Budapest with his partner Suzy. Suzy was feeling unwell and the couple decided to visit a tea shop. Miraculously, Suzy felt better after sampling the various teas on offer. We Are Tea has won 49 Great Taste Awards since opening in 2007 and their products are available online and in supermarkets across the UK.

We Are Tea now have 16 different flavours and we were lucky enough to be able to try their English Breakfast Black Tea, Cleanse Tea, and Moroccan Mint. 

The Teas

The English Breakfast Black Tea contains Assam and Darjeeling. Assam has many health benefits such as decreasing the risk of heart attacks and strokes, enhancement of the immune system, and for relieving tension and nerves. Whilst the Darjeeling in the tea helps with dental health, cancer, and obesity prevention.

English Breakfast Black Tea Sundried Product Review

The Cleanse Tea has ingredients such as nettle, dandelion, liquorice, milk thistle, and lemon peel. The nettle in the tea strengthens your immune system and also promotes healthy hair and skin. Dandelion is rich in vitamins A, C, and K as well as being rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, and antioxidants. This means that dandelion has benefits such as liver cleansing, protection against skin infections, and reduction in blood pressure. The liquorice in the tea has anti-inflammatory and immune boosting properties. Milk thistle also has anti-inflammatory properties and is full of antioxidants. The last ingredient, lemon peel, contains high levels of calcium and vitamin C, which means it's great for maintaining and improving the strength of your bones

The final flavour we tried, Moroccan Mint tea, has peppermint as one of the main active ingredients. Peppermint helps prevent nausea, reduces fever, boosts the immune system and finally, relieves stress and bloating.

We Are Tea Moroccan Mint Tea Bag Flavour Sundried


All these flavours were delicious and have had nothing but 5-star reviews. This brand has a great ethos and their tea has so many health benefits and a great taste.

Buy online on the We Are Tea website

Review written by Matt Sladden

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