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Topo Mens Speed Trainer

by Daniel Puddick
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The first thing I noticed when I put on the Topo Speed Trainers is a hugging feeling I hadn’t felt since putting on some Birkenstock sandals for the first time many years ago. If you have not tried on them, most people have the same reaction. And that is the feeling of comfort from the high arch. It is almost a massaging feeling of your arch. I am sure if you wear arched footwear most of the time the sensation will wear off, but if you are used to more minimal barefoot trainers with a flat sole enjoy the experience.

When I went on some training with VivoBarefoot they were very much anti arch. Unnatural, stops the job of your muscles supporting your foot and therefore leads to loss of natural support. I have been wearing flat Vivos for several years so maybe the feeling was extra pronounced when putting on the Topo with their high arch. The high arch and feedback from Vivo is definitely controversial. Many running coaches will take one look at my (and many peoples) foot strike in slow motion and prescribe some high arch, supported trainers. I think it comes down to personal preference. Listen to and take on all the advise and test it out.

These trainers are extremely light. And extremely comfortable. To run in, if you are used to a cushioned shoe they may be too lightweight, but they offer more padding than a typical barefoot trainer. They are speed trainers, so not necessarily designed for endurance running and long events, but for my 5ks they have been great.  

Topo Speed Trainer Wide Feet

The forefoot of these trainers is wide and there is plenty of room for your toes to move. The high arch supports your foot position so your feet will be fairly rooted to the floor. 

High Arch

The high arch really helps with your forefoot position. The trainers have minimal cushioning so it is extra important for correct contact when you strike the ground. As they are speed trainers you may be landing harder than a typical slow run. 

Forefoot of the Topo Trainers

Their unique design offers support for each of your metatarsals (bones in the front of the foot).

Closeup of the Topo Speed Trainer

The Topo trainers are lightweight in design and things are kept simple. Support is given at the front and sides of the foot with a very lightweight upper.

Topo for intervals


As these trainers are built for speed and comfort they are perfect for interval work. Even if you want to switch to a more cushioned trainer for longer runs.

Topo Trainers

The Topo Speed Trainers are light and perfect for sprinting, but also for ground work and outdoor training the are a good choice.

 Topo Trainers

Topo Speed Trainers

Topo Speed Trainers

A simple but effective feature I like with Topo is the extra large loops - so handy for slipping on and off. 

Topo Stylish and practical

Somehow Topo manage to look stylish even with the pops of bright orange. 

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