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What's New At Sundried

by Alexandra Parren

Sundried what's new in products

Here at Sundried we're excited to have a selection of new accessories in stock. Including race number belts, race number tattoos, and resistance bands. Take a look at our new products!

Sundried Race Number Belt

Sundried race number belt

Sundried race number bib holder

The Sundried race number belt is perfect for all types of athletes, from those competing in their first triathlon to those tackling an Ironman. Whether you're running a marathon or just going jogging, this is the bib belt for you.

The anti-slip grippers mean this bib number holder belt won't slip down as you move and provides perfect freedom during your race. Easily adjust the size of the race bib belt to suit your needs. The belt fastens with a simple clasp so you can put it on and take it off with minimal effort.

The simplistic yet stylish design will look great on race day and features subtle branding. Simply clip on your race number and go!

You will receive a free beginner's triathlon guide with every purchase as compliments from Sundried, the experts in triathlon. So if this is for your first race, it is the perfect purchase for you.


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Sundried Fabric Resistance Band

Sundried fabric resistance band

The Sundried resistance band is perfect for any workout whether it's at home, at the gym, or even outdoors. Take your workout anywhere with this versatile and easily transportable piece of fitness equipment. Perfect for hip and glute activation exercises, squat and deadlift stabilisation, injury rehab, and much more.

Supplement your training with this resistance band in order to add a new dimension to your fitness. With limitless possibilities, this exercise band will be the perfect addition to your fitness routine and will help you to enhance your workouts and get better results. Use for exercises like donkey kicks, kickbacks, walking side steps, and many more.

With a medium resistance and available in a stylish black colour with Sundried branding, this stretch fabric resistance band can be easily packed into a gym bag or stored in a locker.

This fitness resistance band is made from super soft fabric meaning it will be kind to your skin and is robust and strong so it will last as long as you do as well as being completely non-slip. It is an ergonomic size for maximum convenience: 14 inches long and 3 inches high with a 4.5 inch radius.

Take your training to the next level with this easy-to-use resistance band. This is the best resistance band you will find as the soft fabrics won't pinch your skin and the non-rubber design won't snap or slip during intense workouts!


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Sundried Race Number Tattoos

Sundried race number tattoos

Race number temporary tattoos by Sundried, the triathlon specialists. Whether you are competing in your first sprint triathlon or tackling an Ironman, you will benefit from these easy-to-use transfer temporary tattoos.

Each pack contains 10 tattoos with numbers from 0-9. There is one tattoo for each number. Simply peel off the film, press the number tattoo onto your skin, wet the back, and then peel off the paper backing. You're ready to race!

If you are taking part in an event that involves swimming such as a triathlon, aquathlon, aquabike, swim run, or Ironman, you will need a temporary race number tattoo. These convenient packs can be dropped into your race bag and easily applied on race morning.

Any numbers you don't use can be kept for your next race or donated to a friend or family member. Each pack comes in a small Sundried branded packet and is ready to be applied.


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