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Women's Running Magazine

Women's Running Magazine

220 Triathlon

Sundried 220 Triathlon Jacket Review
To enjoy your winter bike training sets, you’ll need a breathable jacket that deflects wind, rain and the cold. And hopefully looks alright in the pub. Testing four is Adam Leitch
SUNDRIED ZERO THERMAL £120 Stylish Brit brand Sundried has kept its focus on making this jacket as warm as possible. On test it delivers on that front and also proves to be reasonably – if not outstandingly – breathable. The makers further boast it’d continue to deliver warmth even when temperatures drop as low as -5°C, which makes it a good choice for those really cold winter days. Three big pockets at the rear make storage easy, while the addition of a security zip pocket is welcome. The jacket is waterproof and windproof, and does look fairly stylish both on and off the bike, meaning it could have a dual use if required. It’s deliberately designed to be a tight fit, which aids in delivering warmth to the rider, but be wary when ordering that it does come up small.
Sundried Rating
Sundried Winter Jacket Review

220 Tri 

Bike test featuring Sundried 

Sundried Cycle Kit in 220 Triathlon Magazine

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Mens Fitness October

Jacket Review with Sundried

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Womens Running September

Featuring Sundried Cycle and Running Gilet

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Sundried Eco Running Gilet

Luxurious Magazine Sundried Feature

luxurious magazine sundried cycle feature

Men's Fitness

24th of July, featuring Sundried Eco Tech

Sundried Eco Tech in Mens Fitness Review


Tri 220

July feature with Sundried ambassador in the Sundried pro tri suit

Tri 220 Triathlon featuring Sundred July 2019

Tri 220 Training for Triathlon Magazine featuring Sundried Ambassador

Runner's World Mag

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Sundried Eco T-shirt for Running

Saber Viver

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Shop Well Magazine

Shop Well Magazine Featuring Sundried

Live Well Magazine

Live Well Magazine Featuring Sundried

Outdoor Fitness Sundried Marathon Guide

Marathon Guide in Outdoor Fitness Magazine

Marathon Guide in Outdoor Fitness Magazine

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