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What To Buy A Triathlete For Christmas – Gift Guide

by Alexandra Parren

triathlon christmas gift guide what to buy a triathlete for christmas

Buying gifts for people can be tough at the best of times, but when you're close with a triathlete and you know nothing about the sport it can be a lot harder. We're here with our top 5 gifts that a triathlete will love.

1. Re-usable water bottle

These days, everyone is wising up to the global plastic pollution problem and single-use plastic bottles are fast becoming replaced by re-usable bottles. The Sundried BPA-free reusable water bottle is leak-proof and shatterproof making it perfect for your triathlete friend who might drop it from their bike or throw it in their gym bag. Not only this, it's ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in the hand so your triathlete friend can hold it while running without it being a nuisance.

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reusable water bottle

2. Race number belt

A great way to decide what gifts to buy people is to think about things they might need but won't necessarily buy for themselves. In this sense, a race number belt is the ideal gift for a triathlete. A race number belt is a vital part of kit for anyone who competes in triathlon races, but is not something they will necessarily think about buying. 

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Sundried race number belt

3. Race tattoo numbers

This is another great gift for a triathlete as it is something they probably never would've thought about buying for themselves, but will be perfect for all their future races.

A triathlete needs to show their race number throughout the race but traditional race numbers can't be worn in water, so they wear their numbers as a transfer tattoo on their arm as an additional form of identification.

Unless you want to spend extravagant amounts of money on Ironman branded numbers this can be a tricky item to find to buy, so the Sundried race number tattoos are a real find.

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triathlon race number tattoos

4. Premium trisuit

Every triathlete needs a performance trisuit, whether they're brand new to the sport of have been competing for years. Buying your triathlete friend or family member a brand new trisuit will definitely earn you a lot of brownie points. Especially if they are new to the sport and don't have one already, you'll help them to perform better and more comfortably.

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mens performance trisuit triathlon

5. Sport hoodie

Some runners and triathletes are notorious for not dressing properly in winter and suffering through training sessions outdoors in the cold because they don't have the right men's sport hoodie for their training. Buy your triathlete friend or colleague a luxury sport hoodie so that they can train comfortably during the winter and fill a void in their training wardrobe. 

mens sport hoodie running outdoors winter

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