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Triathlete's Kettlebell Workout

by Alexandra Parren

kettlebell strength workout triathletes

Are you bored of your usual workouts? Have your improvements in your triathlon times started to slow down? Try using kettlebells in your training regime.

Kettlebells are great for combining strength training and aerobic conditioning. No other piece of equipment offers the flexibility and functionality of a kettlebell. You can use kettlebells in anaerobic and aerobic training depending on the weight you use. Both forms of fitness are very important for anyone competing in triathlon and improving both will help get your triathlon times down.

press ups kettlebells strength workout triathlon

All of the movements in the three triathlon events are done in the sagittal plane, which is a movement in which we’re moving front to back. Think running, cycling or press ups. Therefore, most people concentrate on training in the same way. Kettlebells provide a dynamic workout that can correct imbalances, increase coordination, and add strength all at the same time. Kettlebell workouts also increase hip flexor and hamstring mobility. Triathletes are notorious for tightness in these areas.

Different kettlebell moves can be put together to make fantastic conditioning and strengthening workouts. These complexes are great if you don’t have a lot of time. They keep the whole body under tension for extended periods giving muscles plenty of time under tension.

Kettlebell Workout For Triathletes

Turkish Getup

Lie on the ground with a kettlebell in your right hand. Right knee is bent. Push down with your other elbow and the foot of your bent leg. Come up onto a bent arm. Then move to a straight arm, kneeling position and finally push up to a standing position. Keep an eye on the kettlebell all the time. Abs and glutes need to be fired up all the time. Reverse the steps until you’re back on the floor. This really is a full body exercise. It builds strength, helps with mobility and increases coordination and balance.

Turkish get up kettlebell exercise

Kettlebell Swing

With a kettlebell just in front of you, hinge at the hips and reach down for the handle. Keep your back neutral. No flexed spine. Hike the kettlebell back towards your bum. Powerfully extend the hips bringing the kettlebell up to chest height. At the top position, your quads, glutes and abs should be fired up and rock hard. Allow the kettlebell to drop and wait as long as you dare to hinge back down. This will keep the bell nice and high near your hips. If the bell is too low,around your hips, you’ll be leaking power and putting extra strain on your back. This builds strong lower body muscles essential for running and cycling.

kettlebell swing how to exercise

Clean and Press

Get down into the same as if you were doing to do the swings above. This time as you extend at the hips, keep your hand close to your body as if you were going to zip up your jumper. Guide the kettlebell into the rack position with abs, glutes and quads tight. Keeping that position, push the kettlebell straight above your head. Don’t lean back, think about using the tension in your whole body to do the move. Return to the rack and then spill the kettlebell forward back between your legs and to the floor. Repeat on the other side. Working unilaterally helps iron out any imbalances in your body. Three simple moves with massive benefits. Simple, not easy. Good luck!

About the author: Thomas Hill is a Scarborough-based personal trainer who believes strongly in self-discipline and owning your own achievements. His main training goal is to be strong and able for the rest of his life.

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