The push press is a great full-body exercise which you can use with a variety of different pieces of equipment - a medicine ball, a slam ball, a dumbbell, or a kettlebell would all be suitable. This exercise is very dynamic and is guaranteed to get your heart rate up. This exercise targets the shoulders primarily but will also work your legs, back, and core, making it a full-body workout. 

How To Do A Push Press Exercise CrossFit Keep Fit Sundried

Hold the ball or kettlebell in front of you with your hands placed underneath to support it. Keeping your head and chest up, sink into a deep squat and then as you come back up to standing, push the ball or kettlebell up to the ceiling. Keep the movement fast and dynamic and breathe out as your drive up to the ceiling.

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Perform the exercise for either a set number of reps or for time. A beginner will do well to complete 30 seconds, with someone more advanced being able to complete 60 seconds without stopping.

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