How To Do Mountain Climbers Cardio ExerciseMountain Climbers are a killer full body workout which will also get your heart rate up and improve your cardiovascular fitness. This exercise requires no equipment and can be done anywhere, indoor or out. This exercise targets primarily the core however you will also work your legs and shoulders and even your chest. 

To perform this exercise, start in a classic press-up position. Make sure you do not lock out your elbows and keep your shoulders over your wrists, as they will want to move back. Run your legs forwards and back keeping your feet off the floor. For an easier option, you can rest your feet on the floor at the top of the exercise.

Keep your core squeezed tight throughout and make sure you keep breathing! Beginners will do well to do this exercise for 30 seconds, while those more seasoned should be able to last 60 seconds without stopping.

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